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Chantal Deveau | Age:22 | DOB: 15MAR01

Social Personal Links: Instagram | Snap/VSCO Handle: @chantaldeveau |

Presently filling her time: Studying Architecture in post-secondary, little part=time job that pays for her Ubers & clothes. When not studying/working/sleeping she is hanging online or in-person with her peeps.

How she found out about the PCT: “My Dad. He talked me into this and the more we watched different vlogs on YouTube, I found it drew me in and it’s such a feat to attempt and complete. A true test to my inner strength. My Dad thinks I will have a hard time eating on the trail… Instead, he should worry about getting his ass over all the mountain passes.”

On the trail: She will be probably crushing it physically and mentally will be harder for her being offline with not much internet connectivity, time, and device battery power to endlessly keep up with friends in Canada and the mental challenge to understand how far of a trek this really is. She will be eating lots of cheese, listening to music, trying to walk behind her Dad since that bugs him. She will also be thinking of all the clothes that he would not let her bring in her backpack.

Team responsibilities: Content Creator on IG/FB/Snap/TickTok stories on Social | Photographer/Videographer/Content Creator + Editor for our social feed on FB + IG | Podcast Host + Producer while on the trail | Vlogger/Assistant Editor on our YouTube Channel and helping with documenting experiences | Financial Planning/Management | Pet Finder

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Dan Deveau | Age:53 | DOB: 05APR71

Social Personal Links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Personal Amateur Hodge-podge YouTube Channel | Spotify Playlists |  Couchsurfing | @JSDOIT handle on many things (TikTok, Tumblr, Steller, etc on the web )

Presently filling his time: Working and trying to get in better shape physically and practice more of a minimalist lifestyle. Life reboot after getting out of a 23-year relationship in 2012. Spending time with friends and presently looking for someone to kiss. About to embark on converting a Sprinter Van into a camper to fuel the next adventure after this with my little buddy. and my Son, Noah. Who is 16 now and too young to want to go on a 5-6 month walk with not enough cord to power his PS4 robbing banks with friends in GTA5. So… >>>>Two years after this hike of the PCT, I would love a 3-month trek across Canada and down along the west coast slowly camping stealth in the mountains for day hikes, mountain climbing, and smaller PCT trail hikes. We would also explore, San Diego, Los Angeles, and back up the coast of San Fransisco, before heading east into Nevada and Utah. Noah, your adventure and the epic trip will come after you wrap up high school!

How he found out about the PCT: “Basically it was inspired by Tumblr in 2008. I was drawn in by the photography of the trail. From there, my interest in the PCT moved to YouTube with hikers vlogs and films on the trail. I’ve always had this silly goal of taking a leave from my job to hike this thing. So I added it to my mini bucket-list game of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days.

On the trail: He should be good mentally, but the physical side will be a challenge to deal with and how he can train and take care on-trail of his older body.

Team responsibilities: Website Design + Content Creator/Editor | Photographer/Videographer/Sound Capture before/during the hike for all social platforms | Content Creator for FB/IG/Tumblr channels | Content creator + Video Post Production Editor for YouTube Vlogs | Podcast Host/Producer | Trip Logistics + Planning | Gear Research/Sourcing/Purchasing | Trail Section/Route Planning/Researching/Logistics | ReSupply Logistics/Planning | Financial Planning/Management

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