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California Trail Notes:

California Section A / Campo, CA to Warner Springs, CA (Section A’s Total Distance 109.5 mi)

Section A: Summary & Google Earth Fly By (Click Here)

California Section B / Warner Springs, CA to Interstate 10 (Cabazon, CA) (Section B’s Total Distance 100 mi)

California Section C / Interstate 10 to Interstate 15 (Cajon Pass, CA) (Sec Dis 132mi)

California Section D (Sec Dist-112.5mi) / Interstate 15 (Cajon Pass, CA) to Agula Dulce Leg 9 is 112 miles

California Section E (Sec Dist-112mi) / Agula Dulce to Tehachapi Pass Leg 10

California Section F (Sec Dist-85.5mi) / Tehachapi Pass to Walker Pass (Onyx, Kernville)Leg 11 is 85 miles

California Section G (Sec Dist-115mi) / Walker Pass (Onyx, Kernville) to Crabtree Meadows (Mt. Whitney)

California Section H / Crabtree Meadows to Hwy 120 (Tuolumne Meadows)

California Section I / Tuolumne Meadows to Hwy 108 (Sonora Pass) to Bridgeport – Leg 20

California Section J / Hwy 108 (Sonora Pass) to Echo Lake (South Lake Tahoe – Leg 21

California Section K / Echo Lake to Donner Summit (I80 to Truckee) – Leg 22

California Section L / Donner Summit to Hwy 49 (Sierra City) – Leg 23

California Section M / Hwy 49 (Sierra City) to Hwy 70 (Beldon) – Leg 24

California Section N / Hwy 70 (Beldon) to McArthur-Burney Falls State Park (1419mi)

  • Hwy 70 (Beldon) to PCT Mid-Way Post / mile 1328.8 Hwy 36 (Chester) Leg 25
  • PCT Mid-Way Post to Drakeseed Guest Ranch – Leg 26
  • Drakeseed Guest Ranch to Old Station Post Office – Leg 27
  • Old Station Post Office to Hwy 299 (Burney) – Leg 28

California Section O / McArthur-Burney Falls State Park to Interstate 5 (Castle-Craig-Castella) – Leg 29

California Section P / Interstate 5 to Etna Summit (Etna) (1599.7mi) Leg 30

California Section Q / Etna Summit to Seiad Valley (1655.9mi) Leg 31

Note the Oregon border is at mile 1697.1 and we will cross that in the Oregon trail notes below

California Completed > Let’s Hike Oregon

Kolby’s incredible PCT Journals:

Oregon Trail Noes:

Oregon Section A / Seiad Valley, CA to Interstate 5 (Callahan’s-Ashland, OR) (1718.9mi) Leg 32

Oregon Section B / I5 to Hwy 140 (Fish Lake) (1773.4mi) Leg 33

Oregon Section C / Hwy 140 (Fish Lake) Hwy 138 (Cascade Crest) (1847.8mi) Leg 34

Oregon Section D / Hwy 138 (Cascade Crest) to Hwy 58 Williamette Pass (1907.9mi) Leg 35

Oregon Section E / Hwy 58 Williamette Pass to Hwy 242 (McKenzie Pass – Sisters Bend) (1983.8mi) Leg 36

Oregon Section F / Hwy 242 (McKenzie Pass – Sisters Bend) to Hwy 35 (Barlow Pass)

  • McKenzie Pass to Big Lake Youth Camp Leg 37
  • Big Lake Youth Camp to Hwy 20 (Santiam Pass – Sisters Bend) Leg 38
  • Hwy 20 (Santiam Pass – Sisters Bend) to Olallie Lake Resort Leg 39
  • Olallie Lake Resort to Hwy 35 (Barlow Pass) Leg 40

Oregon Section G / Hwy 35 (Barlow Pass) to Cascade Locks (Bridge Of The Gods)

  • Hwy 35 (Barlow Pass) to Timberline Lodge (Mt. Hood) Leg 41
  • Timberline Lodge (Mt. Hood) to Cascade Locks Leg 42

Oregon is completed > Let’s get through Washington State to get the Canadian border before the snow gets crazy in the mountains making it impossible to hike.

Washington State Trail Notes:

Washington Section H (Sec Dist-148mi) / Cascade Locks (Bridge Of The Gods) to Hwy 12 (White Pass – Packwood) (2294.9mi)

  • Cascade Locks to Forest Road 23 (to Trout Lake) (2228.9mi) Leg 43-Sec H
  • Forest Road 23 to Goat Rocks (2277mi) Leg 44-Sec H
  • Goat Rocks to Hwy 12 (White Pass – Packwood) (2294.9mi) Leg 45-Sec H

Washington Section I (Sec Dist-98.3mi) / Hwy 12 (White Pass – Packwood) to Interstate 90 (Snoqualmie Pass) (2393.2mi)

  • I90 (Snoqualmie Pass) to Hwy 410 (Chinook Pass) (2323.5mi) Leg 46-Sec I
  • Hwy 410 (Chinook Pass) to I90 (Snoqualmie Pass) Leg 47-Sec I

Washington Section J (Sec Dist-70.9mi) / Interstate 90 (Snoqualmie Pass) to Hwy 2 (Stevens Pass – Skyomish) (2464.1mi) Leg 48

Washington Section K (Sec Dist-127mi) / Hwy 2 (Stevens Pass – Skyomish) to Hwy 20 (Rainy Pass) + (Mazama & Winthrop) (2591.1mi)

  • Hwy 2 (Stevens Pass) to High Bridge (Bus to Stehekin) (2571.9mi) Leg 49-Sec K
  • High Bridge to Hwy 20 Rainy Pass (2591.1mi) Leg 50-Sec K

Washington Section L (Sec Dist-70.3mi) / Hwy 20 (Rainy Pass) to Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada (2661.4mi)

  • Hwy 20 (Rainy Pass) to Harts Pass (Atl to Mazama & Winthrop) (2622mi) Leg 51-Sec L
  • Harts Pass to Monument 78 (Canadian Border) (2652.6mi) Leg 52-Sec L
  • Monument 78 (CND Border) to Hwy 3 (Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada (2661.4mi)

Canada Section – After Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike /Manning Provincial Park to Vancouver

We will jump on the Greyhound heading west for a 3-hour ride to Vancouver to visit with fellow Lufty peep Cara. We will buy an outfit online to ship to her place in Vancouver for some regular clothes to put on before flying home to Toronto with our gear.

Another friend wants us to visit Tofino on Vancouver Island. If we have any money left over maybe we can rent a car and drive from Vancouver to Banff, Alberta. I guess we have to finish the hike before we can make some last-minute plans for a Canadian side trip.

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