Annual PCT Days

Pacific Crest Trail Days is an annual summer festival that celebrates and promotes hiking, camping, backpacking & outdoor stewardship.  Attendees can participate in activities, games, & presentations, win awesome gear at the raffle, watch a series of films, and get great deals on the latest outdoor products from sponsors at the Gear Expo.  If you’re into car camping, day hiking, long-distance hiking, or just curious, a wide-range of gear and info will be here!  Don’t miss out on a great time at the annual PCT DAYS, located in the Marine Park of Cascade Locks, Oregon…the heart of the Columbia River Gorge!

When we do our hike, we will try and line this weekend up and try to be in this area to line up and relax and party a little bit before finishing the PCT. If we had it in the budget… we would love to fly out in 2023 and soak it in a little for a little getaway. Both my kids are going to England with “the Mom” this August. I looked up some prices… $200 flight to Vancouver, BC to quickly see a friend and a $51 Amtrak ticket to Portland, OR where you can take a bus to the festival. It’s tempting… wish my daughter could go tho. 2023 for sure… maybe we do our shakedown hike after that weekend.

PCT DAYS is free to attend, with a suggested donation of non-perishable food, personal care products, or a monetary contribution to the FISH food bank, which serves the local community.  Overnight camping is available for a fee and the event is family-friendly. Vendors will be offering great food, beer, cider, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Go to PCT Day’s Website for Dates and Schedule about this annual event.

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