Apr / May / June 2022 Updates

It’s April of 2022 and we are officially two years away from our hike. The Class of 2022 is just starting to hike. The PCT opened up for Northbound on March 1st. I’m following hikers on YouTube and Instagram heading north.

Around Mt San Jacinto, with her Ice Axe on the high side and microspikes.

Below: Marketa and David Daley with Sequoia (almost 5), Joshua (3.5) and Standa who is almost 2

They are… hands down the cutest trail family. View photos and daily comments from Marketa on how the family is doing here.

Below: Chantal and I interviewed Doug Laher who is the father of Trevor who slipped and fell down a ravine 11 days into his PCT hike two years ago. It was a hard episode to record. You can find the show notes here with a link to listen and photos and links to what we talk about.

It’s great that Doug has been openly talking about Trevor’s hike to raise awareness that in the desert section around 170 miles into the 700-mile desert section that it can get sketchy near Apache Peak. He wants hikers who are not comfortable to go around and also have the proper gear for the section they are hiking.

Doug sent me this photo of the search and rescue team forward to him just before where the accident happened past those trees.

Our guest for episode 11 was a hiker hitting the PCT to raise money for soldier suicide. So we donated to her hike.

PCT Trail Planning @ The Bucks

It’s nice that I can walk up to the local Starbucks and redeem some stars for a venti coffee and catch up on socials and also do some PCT planning and update the blog.

Chantal and I donated a small amount to the Thru-R community who was going out to do some trail magic near the 100-mile marker.

It would be awesome to be out there meeting the hikers and giving out some cold drinks and snacks while they chill and rest. We definitely will do it again at the next opportunity Carol goes out to do it.

We dropped episode 12 on the podcast which was an interview with Jen & Vince from the trail as they were in a motel in Idyllwild.

Received an email with some feedback on our podcast:

LOL this made me laugh. The comment about Hugh Hef’s Sack was from Episode 12 when I was commenting on Jen’s puffy face when she woke up with the altitude and I told her that when I hike it my face will look like Hugh’s Sack (RIP).

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