April 2020 Notes

The day this idea started…

March 31, 2020 – I asked my Daughter If she would be interested to save up for and hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I asked her if I could show you many videos so I could keep asking her if she is still interested. Chantal and I finished watching the nine-chapter vlog. Elina aka Tip Tap shown above on the summit of Mt. Whitney. Chantal is in. She wants to do it. “My friends won’t understand when I tell them that I’m going for a walk with my Dad for four months”, she said. If I could pick her trail-name now it would be “Cheese-Eater”. She wants to watch another series with me and I picked out another woman doing the PCT that we will start watching virtually online.

April 12th, 2020 – Chantal and myself are watching Mari Johnson (above) and her man’s vlog of them walking the PCT. Tonight we wrapped up episode 15 and they are just entering the mountains into the snowy Sierra Mountains. You can catch her vlog here. We want to launch a website about the trip and we will make YouTube Vlogs on the planning and the trip. We also want to produce a podcast on the trail of the trip as we go. I’ve also started doing our trail notes in Evernote and working on the first 40km of 4,200 lol

Chantal is still in. Says she can do it. After Mari’s vlog, we will watch Darwin’s PCT hike next. When we watch them we write down where they stay and what they eat in town so we have something to look forward to. 

Week of April 21-26th, 2020 – We decided on a domain > https://www.hikethepct.ca and decided to get the social marker of @pctjsdoit (meaning: The Pacific Crest Trail – Just Do it!) We also grabbed the InstagramTikTokTumblr with the same @PCTJSDOIT branding along with the shell of a new YouTube channel (will work on a video trailer soon). We signed up to Anchor.fm for our podcasting platform and wrote out scrips for two trailers to record and publish. I also started a systematic investment plan to save for the cost of the hike using the MYLO App (rounding purchases + set dollar amount per week). I talked to Chantal about doing a fall fundraiser for doing family portraits for people to raise money. She said we should have merch. lol and that’s a neat idea. I recorded and published my trailer talking about Chantal + she is up next with her recording her trailer. The podcast was added to Spotify and waiting for it on Apple Podcasts to be approved.

Week of April 27-April 30, 2020 – Played around and added more links to the top of the blog. We recorded and published our second trailer for the podcast with Chantal talking about me. Next up will be a podcast around the 20min length and will work on show notes with ideas. We both have been busy so only watch 3 episodes of Mari’s vlog on YouTube. Purchased some PCT books and a tiny bit of gear online. Created a PCT Expenses Google Sheet to track what we spend. Published the first trail note of the hike. Created a template in Evernote to publish and organize our trail notes on the blog/and internally in Evernote.

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