April / May / June Planning Notes

Dan bought a backpack. The Osprey Aether 65 Litre pack to test out this summer.

This pack helps with the weight. Since I’m not ultralight, I need a pack to carry the volume I need and the weight. This pack carries loads between 30 and 60 lbs. It’s a bit heavy itself, but if it’s 2-3 pounds more than the really light weight ones… then I just lost 3 pounds in the past week so that makes up for it 😉

Heidi also snagged a Osprey pack and we still have to decide on a pack for Chantal. I’ll test this one out on my local walks and hikes and also camping this year. I’m in the process of packing it and deciding on where things should go inside.

If you want to view all the gear that I’ve bought so far you can find our gear list on Lighter Pack here.

I picked up a water bottle shoulder strap from China for $3 and also a water bladder hose so I can cut it to fit out the top of the bottle.

Picked up a night job at the Depot.

Working nights walking the store stocking shelves and lifting products give me a workout and constant walking for 8 hours can’t hurt also. My body is used to the time difference on nights that I work. I’m digging the calories burned each shift.

Took over Happy Hour on Zoom with Thru-r

Carol who runs zoom is currently hiking a LASH (Long Ass Section Hike) of the CDT right now. I asked her if I could have her zoom password to run the happy hour. I thought I should rename it Dan-r. We have had two small ones which has been fun getting to know the hikers on a more personal level.

I wish I had better photoshop experience to make taking over as carol easier. I think I did a pretty good job considering using my phone and my fingers to write it out. If you have hiked the PCT or planning to hike it… come out and check out the Thur-r website here.

Following all the NOBO PCT Hikers from the Class of 2021 on Instagram and YouTube.

I’m following a whack of people and the focusing on the people I’m gravitating to via the way they tell a story and vibe. I’m going to post a blog post soon highlighting them with links.

Dan picked up a sleeping bag for this summer to test out on our Silent Lake Trip. This is not my PCT bag and will turn into maybe Noah’s. I need to lose some weight before I get my PCT bag. This was bought with my own money.

Stocks | Investing Patreon Support Proceeds & Our Own Savings

Below are the 7 stocks and each market value as of 05May21

Here are 7 stocks we are holding in our TFSA inside the WealthSimple Trade App. We love the app since Canadian stocks have no fees to buy and sell. Our time horizon for the trip is two years and there are some great opportunities since some companies are down from Covid. You can view our investments “live” inside our spreadsheet and the number of shares we hold of what stock and also what amount we have in cash to purchase things we need for our trip.

We wanted to highlight the 7 companies below with some talking points on them:

Air Canada

Just Kitchen Holdings Corp

Good Natured Products Inc.

Vicinity Motor Corp

Greenlane Renewables Inc

Thinkific Labs Inc

Drone Delivery Canada Corp.

Episode 4 of our Podcast: “The Chaperone”

Date Published: April 28th, 2021 / Length: 28 Minutes / Hosts: Dan & Chantal Deveau / Guests: Heidi

Topic/Summary: In this episode, our goal is to introduce one of Dan’s friends who is going to come out and hike with us for the first month of the PCT. We were going to record a trail lingo segment after introducing Heidi but Chantal didn’t have that much time to record, so we are recording that now and will drop it as episode 5 dropping soon.

Inside the episode… we talk to Heidi who will be coming out in the first month with us on trail. We ask her questions. To listen and read the show notes you can click here.

Working on the Sierra Section Trail Notes for May/June

We will go through all the sections below and make clickable links that will go to our trail notes. It will take a while but it’s fun to virtually hike the trail.

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