Aug/Sep 2020 Notes

I think these updates will move to every two months since the spending has slowed down a bit & the trip is still far away.

Still researching:

I’ve been watching more vlogs covering North of Agula Dulce and up into Kennedy Meadows… into the Sierra Mountains and Northern California since that is more new to me after studying the first 600 miles so much… so I have about 5 vlog creators I’m following at the same time in this section. Adding to my map sketches and adding things into Evernote.

Patreon Update & Thank You:

Will use Patreon to post more updates and make some extra videos that explain what we are doing and how we are lining up this hike in more detail. People can sign up to be a Patron for as little as $1 per month and receive rewards and bonus content. On top of that… that $1 truly helps us save for the trip.

Posted a “Thank-You” within Patreon that goes to our Patrons and added a little video. (Screenshot below)

Become a Patron!

Purchased Outdoor Research Active-Ice Sun Gloves For Both Of Us

Ordered these protective sun gloves (UPF 50) to help protect our hands from the sun so we don’t have to apply sunscreen since we will be holding trekking poles. They will help prevent blisters. The Last Hunt had a %50 off sale so picked up a pair for me and Chantal for $17 down from $38. Chantal’s are above and mine are below.

Dan Purchased Mountain Hardware | Canyon Long Sleeve Shirt

UPF 50 sun shirt with roll-up sleeves and collar to pop up for sun protection. Zip pockets double as vents. Weighs only 82 grams. Will also help with bug protection. Not sold on the colour… but I’ll live. Paid $42 on sale from $85 for it via the last hunt website.

Chantal still slugging the Ice Treats:

Still slugging the ice cream at DQ. Having a daughter who is 19… I understand now that you are not the first reply via text when she has a phone of texts waiting to be answered at the end of her shift.

Purchased a National Geographic Wall PCT Trail Map

Picked this up from Amazon for $20 to go beside my desk so I can reference it when I’m working and study the map a little more about what towns and the route it takes to Canada. This didn’t come out of our PCT savings.

It came and I love it. I’m going to hang it up beside my desk so I can follow the trail and get used to it more. This hike is starting to blow my mind a little.

It came!!!

Purchased an IPad and Apple Pencil:

Wanted to work on some graphic design and also mark up maps and notes with more information, so I signed up for a IPad to be financed over two years for $20 per month. Downloaded Procreate app to help with illustrations. This amount does not come out of our PCT finances. Might bring it on our trip if it’s still working to help with video editing and the podcast.

Playing with the iPad:

Playing with the iPad and the Guthooks App that I purchased… I can slowly work my way through the trail and figure out how long each section will take. I’ve been tracking YouTuber’s on their vlog and how long it took them in each section. So I can see how many miles we might do each day and also where we might camp.

It’s fun to plan in advance.

New ebook purchase: Nothing Wrong With Trying To Manage Costs

Purchased a book with my own money. It was $7USD and purchased it from “The Trek” website and I’m going to read it later this fall. The info inside is worth the $7 for sure.

Forest Fires All Across The West Coast

This fire has crossed the trail and it’s interesting how the trail changes from time to time where a section gets knocked out and once the regrowth has gotten to a level to support the trail going through it… it can go back. Detours are a part of the trail and unfortunately so are wildfires.

Interesting if any fires this year or next year will impact the trail and cause detours via road walks around it or going on other trails around the burn area which could close a section as it regrows over time. I’ll store this and a screen shot from Guthooks of that mile marker and put that into Evernote just to document.

Oh My… Will This Cause A Bottleneck?

With a limited number of permits issued each year. I’m sure many COVID canceled 2020 hikes are pushed to 2021 and quite possible 2022 to be safe depending on how long it can be resolved in the United States. Also, just the number of people wanting to do the hike in a given year who missed the trail permit process or the eligible number of permits might get pushed to another year. The October we try for our permits will be a sick day from work anxiously working the laptop at getting a date with Chantal.

Blog Post about the different Challenges people have made up on the PCT. (View Here)

Can’t believe September is upon us…

Still working on how long each section will take us.

Another online meet up: Via Thru-R

Carol from Thru-R (aka “Trail-Name: Cheer) had a little meet up with new hikers and some alum who hiked to give advice on different topics. Crystal in the bottom row is from Toronto and she is planning to hike next year. Maybe she will give Chantal a deal on her Ice Axe and any gear after her hike 😉 Always nice to connect and gain advice from hikers.

Dan Purchased: Mosquito/Bug Head Net

Picked up a bug net for $11 on Amazon for the Sierra’s, NorCal, and into Oregon & Washington. Bugs drive me crazy and always have me swatting my arms. So this is for peace of mind. I will mail this to myself so I will pick it up before getting into the Sierras’.

Snapshot of Money Of Where We Stand:

Patreon run for September, making our second month in a row using Patreon:

We appreciate so much for those helping us make this happen. We have started to make some videos of our planning to share on our Patreon platform. You can sign up here if you want to support us. Thank-you letters and stickers and iron-on’s are being dropped in the mail. We picked up two Patrons. Ibby is my Son’s friend from England who wanted to support us and Heidi who knows Dan also joined.

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