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Leg 2 is 22.8 miles. We are estimating it taking us 2 days to hike to Mt. Laguna and once there we take 1 Zero to resupply and rest.

Daily hiking goals:

Day 1 = 12 miles

Day 2 = 10 miles

Day 3 = Zero in Mt. Laguna

Watch this video to follow this section on google earth giving you an idea of hiking this section:

  • You will notice Lake Morena at the 20mi marker is at 3,000 feet above sea level and the next 23 miles to Mt. Laguna will bring us up to 6000 ft above sea level.
  • Check out the incline from mile 30 to 40. We will feel it getting cooler coming up into the clouds. This time of year might have light snow. What weather a day could make from leaving Campo in the desert.

  • Day 1: We leave for Mt. Laguna we will most likely go about 12 miles and sleep at Cibbets Flat Campground at the 32-mile marker and sleep at this cool little spot with picnic tables which is a PCT luxury item.
  • Day 2: Has us hiking 10 miles to stay at Burnt Rancheria Camp Ground, where we will sleep and have town day the next day for a Zero. If we make good time getting to the campground maybe we can get into Town to sneak a burger before bedtime. Mt. Laguna doesn’t have that much.

Towns/Points Of Interest:

About Mt. Laguna (Population about 65 people):

  • It’s approximately 6000 ft above sea level in a forest of Jeffrey pine, east of San Diego in the Laguna Mountains on the eastern edge of the Cleveland National Forest. The hamlet sits at the high point of a scenic drive on Sunrise Highway from Interstate 8 to Highway 79. Mount Laguna consists of a small general store, rustic lodge and cabins, a local restaurant, a rural post office, and campgrounds adjacent to the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • Day 3: Zero in Mt. Laguna as eat Town-Food Breakfast and lunch as we resupply, record a podcast, and edit our vlog and find wifi to hopefully post it.
  • We will camp at the campground to save money and try and hang inside somewhere to charge things and edit our vlog. So we will roll into it for a late breakfast and hit the post office to pick up our resupply package and find somewhere to hang for the day if possible spending time to chill and connect online and eat a big burger. (Want to take us out to lunch? 😉
  • A sizable hiker box can be found at the store, and this is a good place to leave behind anything you don’t want to carry to Canada if you overpacked and regretting bringing stupid stuff you now don’t want to carry.

Resupply: (Pick up mailed package to ourselves and ship forward)

Mount Laguna, 4/10 mile W of PCT, nearby store, lodge [, 619-473-8533], restaurant and a Post Office [619-473-8341].

The Laguna Mountain Lodge and store accepts resupply packages [$5] sent by USPS or
UPS. Include Name, ETA, and Phone # on your package.
Laguna Mountain Lodge USPS Address:
(Your Name)
c/o Laguna Mountain Lodge
PO Box 146 Mount Laguna, CA 91948

Laguna Mountain Lodge UPS Address:
(Your Name)
c/o Laguna Mountain Lodge
10678 Sunrise Hwy Mount Laguna, CA 91948

Mount Laguna Post Office [M-F 12-4, Sa 9-11]: General Delivery must have a valid return domestic address and phone number:

(Your Name)
c/o General Delivery
Mount Laguna, CA 91948

Resupply help from Patreon: Neil Robertson! Thanks Neil!!

Thanks to my friend from college who signed up to our Patreon Page and his two payments will help fund our resupply in the next leg. $30USD: Thanks!

Online General Hiker Notes:

  • Start early and aim for 6:15 AM, taking advantage of the cooler weather.
  • The morning was great, and we did ten miles by 10:00. The day was mostly one long smooth uphill. The higher up we went, the cooler it got until we were hiking in the clouds.
  • We reached Mount Laguna, it is so cold we are not getting out of the tent despite it being early. We should get some snow tonight! What a difference from yesterday. It wouldn’t be a thru-hike without a little weather.

Vlogs covering section:

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