California Section D (SEC D Total Dis 112mi) / LEG 9A – Interstate 15 (Cajon Pass, CA) to Wrightwood AND LEG 9B – Wrightwood to Agula Dulce


California Section D / Broke this Leg into two parts with Zero in Wrightwood: You are viewing Leg 9

LEG 9A – Int-15 (Cajon Pass) to Wrightwood is 27 miles


LEG 9B – Wrightwood to Agula Dulce is 85 miles

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Notes – Leg 9A Cajon Pass to Wrightwood:

  • This section is 27 miles and we should do this section in 2 days to Wrightwood where we will take a zero.

Daily hiking goals:

Day 1 = 15 miles

Day 2 = 12 miles

Day 3 = Zero in Wrightwood before doing the longer Leg 9B

Remembering PCT Member John Hachey can be found here. We will have to find this bench and sit for a bit.

Towns/Points Of Interest:

Wrightwood Services:

  • At the hardware store get your PCT pin. Say hello to Norm and get a list of trail angels.
  • Budpharm is an option with rides to/from trailhead for $10 per car load. Stay based on donations.
  • Holistic Health & Day Spa is $25 a hiker to stay with.
  • Camp Wrightwood is a United Methodist Church Lodge with bunk beds and showers. Suggested $10 donation
  • Cottage In The Woods. Check Guthook
  • Grizzly Cafe (check website)
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Notes Next Section – Leg 9B Wrightwood to Agula Dulce:

This second part of Leg 9 is 85 miles from Wrightwood to Agula Dulce. We expect it to take us 8 days to complete with a double zero in Agula Dulce.

Daily hiking goals:

Day 1 = We leave Wrightwood and look at the weather conditions for Mt. Baden-Powell (9,406ft) and see if we will camp before the mountain or after it. We could hike 6 to 12 miles on Day 1. We want to Summit this mountain. We will wear spikes.

Day 2 = Will have us hike the rest to get to the 384 mile marker to camp at Little Jimmy Campground. We will take note that Bears have been known to be active in this area. Campsite has bear boxes.

Day 3 = hike 11 miles / hike to Cooper Canyon Camp which is large. Picnic tables, fire rings. Two streams flow near the campsite.

Day 4 = hike 11 miles / camp to Sulphur Springs Stream / Watch out for Poodle Dog Bush for the next 35 miles on trail.

Day 5 = will hike 12 miles /

Day 6 = will hike 6 miles / stay and camp $ Messenger Flat Campground at the 430.4mi marker.

Day 7 = 13 miles hiking / Hike to the Action KOA and take a zero the next day.

Day 8 = 10 miles hiking. / Hike to Agula Dulce

Day 9 = Zero in Agula Dulce

Day 10 = Zero in Agula Dulce

Services: Agula Dulce

  • Sweetwater Bar & Grill.
  • Order (Cali Burger) … sounds like it’s one of the best burgers on trail
  • Big Mouth Pizza Company
  • Small place… so find out online if anything closed or anything opened up recently.

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