California Section E (Sec Dist-112mi) / Agula Dulce to Tehachapi Pass Leg 10


California Section E (Sec Dist-112mi) / Agula Dulce to Tehachapi Pass / You are viewing Leg 10 below in Section E.

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Notes: We are expecting this leg to be 9 days in total hiking and 3 zero-days in Tehachapi to resupply and rest after.

  • Day 1 – 13 miles hiked / This is a hot dry section and it’s hard to say and guess how far we will go. Just being conservative with estimating. If we are feeling good we can keep going and find a stealth place to camp.
  • Day 2 – 10 miles hiked / hot dry and boring
  • Day 3 – 16 miles hiked /

Green Valley 478.2 mi: Few small town businesses

  • Quick 1.5 mile walk to town. Two gas station/convenience stores which are hiker friendly. Mid-town market has good selection of trail foods and has Wi-Fi. Liquor store has Verizon boost. Liquor store has outside patio. Buy something for Proclaimer Day.
  • Hitch in from the fire station.
  • This used to be the stop of Casa De Luna which stopped accepting hikers to camp in the backyard.
  • Shop: Green Valley Market (ATM)
  • Backroad Market & Liquor

Along Day 4… It’s Proclaimer Day! (Read More)

  • Day 4 – 14 miles hiked / Proclaimer Day!!! /
  • Day 5 – 10 miles hiked / hike to HikerTown & Neenach Cafe & Market a little east that is very hiker friendly and offers rides from HikerTown. Do we Zero or Nero on Day 6?
  • Day 6 – After deciding how long we stay at Hikertown… and consider Wee Vill Market or Neenach Cafe & Market… we night hike to beat the heat and travel the hot flat valley and the Los Angeles aqueduct that starts at the 523 mile marker.
  • Day 7 – hike 10 miles /
  • Day 8 – we hike 13 miles /
  • Day 9 – we hike 8 miles and get to Tehachapi and take 3 zero’s
  • Day 10 – Zero
  • Day 11 – Zero
  • Day 12 – Zero

Towns/Points Of Interest:

Tehachapi: There is plenty in Tehachapi, CA that makes it a good stop for hikers.

  • Stay: SureStay Best Western $110 near the Coffee Mill.
  • Stay: Camp at the airport under trees for $5 / Max 3 days
  • Stay: Holiday Inn Express is a bit far away from amenities.
  • Stay: Ranch Motel is $70 (4 people max) / they will do a load of laundry for $5
  • Do: Movie Theatre
  • Do: Kern County Library
  • Resupply: Walmart 12 minute walk from Best Western
  • Resupply: Big 5 Sporting Goods
  • Resupply: Albertson’s Grocery Store
  • PostOffice: north of Hwy 58 and the city district.
  • Wash: Wash Tub Laundromat
  • Eat: Thai at Thaihachapi is really good.
  • Eat: Red House BBQ (near the airport) has really good food and hiker friendly. They sometimes offer camping behind it and extension cords for tents (2020 notes)
  • Eat: Kohen Country Bakery: try the Po’boy sandwich is really good.
  • Eat: Jake’s Steakhouse
  • Trail Angel: Brenda sounds super cool and nice to stay with.

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