California Section F (Sec Dist-85.5mi) / Tehachapi Pass to Walker Pass (Onyx, Kernville) Leg 11


California Section F (Sec Dist-85.5mi) / Tehachapi Pass to Walker Pass (Onyx, Kernville) – Leg 11 is 85 miles.

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Notes: Leg 11 should take us 4 days to hike to Walker Pass and one zero for Day 5 to resupply. It’s 85 miles. We will try and push more with longer hiking days since we have our trail legs.

Mileage Markers / Elevation:

Day 1 = 21 miles hiked leaving Tehachapi

Day 2 = 16 miles hiked

Day 3 = 19 miles hiked

Day 4 = 20 miles hiked Day 5 = 7 miles hiked getting us to Walker Pass Campground.

Day 5 = Zero to resupply. Thinking Ridgecrest would be the best. Also thinking if Day 6 should be added with a Nero. Lake Isabella is also a possibility to resupply and keep it at 1 day zero.

Towns/Points Of Interest:

Recommend joining Walker Pass Trail Angel Page for assistance getting to and from town.

Walker Pass Campground: Just a big campground with plenty of tent spaces and car/RV camping. No cell service.

Onyx 652.1 mi: Avoid. Too small.

Lake Isabella 652.1 mi: Pop 3,500 & small town with Post Office, full-service grocery stores, lodging and restaurants. Kernville close by might be the better choice.

Kernville: Small town is known for the white water rapids on the Kern River. Nice atmosphere, resupply, and access to restaurants. (research more in 2022 for what’s still open, closed, or new)

  • Stay: Kernville Inn / pool, laundry, hot showers
  • Stay: Piazza’s Pine Cone Inn (research)
  • Coffee: Big Blue Bear
  • Eat: Pizza Barn
  • Eat: Kern River Brewing Company
  • Resupply: Sierra Gateway Market
  • Resupply: Riverside One Stop
  • Laundry: Gateway River Wash
  • Research White Water Rafting Side Trip

Inyokern 652.1 mi: Small town with post office, few restaurants, and well-stocked convenience store.

  • Stay: Mayflower motel $55/night
  • Dollar General
  • Classic Burger
  • Bernardino’s Restaurant

Ridgecrest 652.1 mi: 8 miles east of Inyokern. Pop 28,000 / Walmart / poor transportation uber/lyft and 3 taxi’s

  • Walmart
  • Gotta try Ephen Taco Smokehouse Junction (research)
  • Library
  • Research more

Vlogs covering section:

  • Add any vlogs on YouTube that cover this section

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