California Section I / Tuolumne Meadows to Hwy 108 (Sonora Pass) to Bridgeport – Leg 20


The total for Section I is from Tuolumne Meadows (942.5 mile marker) to Hwy 108 (Sonora Pass) to Bridgeport (1016.9 mile marker) – Leg 20. Section I only has one leg and it’s 74.4 miles

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Mileage Markers / Elevation:


  • Get ready for some mosquitos.
  • We are budgeting 5-6 days for this section. We have Benson Pass and then Seavery Pass with many river/creek crossings
  • Dorothy Lake Pass will be the last pass before exiting Yosemitie.
  • We will hit the 1,000 mile hiked marker. Just need to do 1.5 more of these treks so far to finish the trail. 😉
  • Finishing this section will bring us into Kennedy Meadows North and we could go to Bridgeport to resupply for the next section.

Towns/Points Of Interest: Click here to view Resupply, Food, Places To Sleep & Info for Lone Pine, Independence, Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Lee Vining and other resupply points for the Sierra’s

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