PCT Class Of 2022 Could Be About The Kids

Last year it was “LittleFoot” on the trail in the Class of 2021 which was awesome. I interviewed Mandy from Purple Rain Adventure Skirts on our podcast for Episode 10. They just set off Northbound on the PCT with her partner and her son who is almost 6. His trail now is “Bedtime”. You can…

Hiking The PCT Virtually

This is a pretty cool idea. I never knew this existed and it’s neat. Kind of like monitoring normal training progress on a Garmin device or an app on your phone monitoring movement. If you want to check it out… you can find it here.

When You Finally Let Go & Lose Yourself From Life

This post that I stumbled upon on social hit home to me. To find that magic and a feeling of weighlessness as the everyday life and business disapear and what’s left is just you… floating and thinking about the simple and appreciating the simple in everything.

What Do We Do When We Finish?

When and if we finish… life will be different to adjusting. Getting back to work to finish paying off credit cards and bills. I’m sure we will have some sort of trail depression. I’m wondering if we will be itching to get back out again for some simple camping… but I wonder if it will…

Completing The PCT | PTD Post Trail Depression

When it’s over… When it’s over and you finally get home. You can hit the PCTA.ORG website and hit the page for people that have finished and completed the PCT. You can find that page here. You can support the PCTA and make a donation that helps to support the efforts in keeping the trail…