Crabtree Meadows to Kearsarge Pass (to Independence Resupply) | Leg 15-Sec H


The total Section H is from Crabtree Meadows (765 mile marker) to Hwy 120 (Tuolumne Meadows) (942 mile marker) which is a total of 177 miles for Section H.

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Mileage Markers / Elevation:


  • Leaving Crabtree Meadows and we start heading North again will have us heading towards Forester Pass which is the highest point on the PCT at 13,120 feet above sea level. The pass is named in honor of a group of Forest Service personnel who found the pass in 1929. This marks the boundary of the Sequoia National Park (to the South) and King Canyon National Park to the North.
  • Due to active Bears, careful with food between Forester Pass and Pinchot Pass.
  • We will get a super early start to make our way up and over the pass when the snow and ice is hard. Late in the day you will slide and posthole. Below is a little section you have to cross one by one and follow the footsteps and your ice axe in one hand so you can self arrest if you slip.
  • After shooting some pictures up on top of Forester Pass and having some food and a break… it’s time to go down the other side of it down into the valley before getting to Kearsauge Pass where we will exit the Sierra’s and into the town of Indpedence to resupply.

Towns/Points Of Interest: Click here to view Resupply, Food, Places To Sleep & Info for Lone Pine, Independence, Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Lee Vining and other resupply points for the Sierra’s

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