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This is a place where I can cut and paste different links to paste into the show notes for our podcast to make that process faster. These are rough cut and paste from other show notes so Dan will cut and paste them and tweak them into whatever episode he is editing.

Past Guests:

PCT Desert Section:

  • Dan mentions a post about how to get to the Southern Terminus, Camp Lockett and Cleef as well as the shuttle bus. You can find that here.

PCT Sierra Section

PCT Nor Cal Section

PCT Oregon Section

PCT Washington Section

Our Website Reference Points:

Our Personal Life Links

  • In 2019 Dan, Chantal and Noah went on an 18-day trip to Europe hitting Prague, Waterpark in Germany, Lisbon, Zurich, Innsbruck, Vienna and back to Prague to come home. They vlogged it on YouTube. the blog posts for the trip on Dan’s personal blog are here. They made a personal vlog about his 2019 Trip with his two kids to Europe. Don’t laugh. Made with Dan’s phone as they travelled. It was a “Don’t Tell Mom” episode.
  • After the PCT Adventure with Dan & his Son Noah is planning a 5-6 month road trip. (YouTube Teaser)

Our Podcast Reference Points:

Things To Do / Challenges:


  • The Wildfires impacting the PCT
  •  Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation 
  • Dan asks them about how they will deal with the crazy heat of the desert section and the crazy heat wave last year for the classof2021. Dan talks about a podcast about hydration. It’s excellent and a great deeper dive.
  • Dan talks about a podcast about hydration. It’s excellent and a great deeper dive.
  • Corey slipped and fell in episode 73 and it’s covered in those three episodes. You can hit his PCT playlist and scroll down to these episodes to watch.
  •  Jon King AKA “SanJacJon” from his website SanJacJon.com covers Mt. San Jacinto which is a great resource for this area.
  • Doug Laher was on our podcast in Episode 9 and you can find the trail notes here to listen, view photos and lots of links. Doug’s his first podcast and reads the article he wrote for the Trek on the Trek’s Backpacker Radio episode #73 which is very raw. You can find it here. In the second part of the episode, the show interviews someone from the Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit and that is also worthwhile to listen to. Doug was on Erin’s Hiking Thru podcast a month later. Feb of 2021 he was on Trail Tales podcast / in March of 2021 he was on “The By Land Podcast / then he was on Russ’s The Trail Creators Podcast and I really enjoyed that one since Russ was also hiking at the same time as Trevor and he talks about what that hike was like with Covid starting and the issues with hiking on the trail at that time. Russ remembers walking with Trevor during a 20 min stint and how they kept leap-frogging each other on trail as one would stop to get a drink or marvel at the surroundings. Russ also talks about them getting a hitch off trail where they would spend the night at a Market and camp outside. Russ had his microspikes and an ice axe but noticed many of the hikers did not have one yet. He breifly tried to show them how to use it for when they get theirs up ahead. As you will learn farther into the podcast that Trevor… he was to get his ice axe and microspikes 17 more miles up trail from where his accident was in town when he resupplied. There is a great article from Louise Farr from AltaOnline that talks about the accident and also invited Doug and Cameron on a Zoom call that is hosted on YouTube. Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit is the incredible volunteers that go out on every mission when people are hurt or missing in and around a large area that they cover. 
  • We talk about stranger danger and Dan brings up that bald creepy guy that was floating around in years past.


Films & Docs:

  • Dan talks about a new film which is excellent and it’s called “The Art Of Walking

PCT Cool Websites:


Health & Nutrition:

Editing/StoryTelling Links:

  • We use Anchor to record our podcast which Spotify owns. We use Audacity to edit it and when ready we just upload the audio file to Anchor where it gets distributed to 9 different podcast platforms pick it up like Spotify, Apple, Amazon Audible and Google.

Other Podcasts To Reference:

  • Flossy on Trail Tales Embedded: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5fXWmn0tNUhdrs8fa73hl6?go=1&sp_cid=c7047344321902d6c3a8b8370e866073&utm_source=embed_player_p&utm_medium=desktop


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