Gear: Electronics + Navigation + Documenting

Navigation & Safety:

Garmin InReach Mini (Shared) (Purchased)

  • To share between us (more information & specs) We will use this mostly for messages using Satellite to message family + friends to give them updates when we have no cell reception / message, other hikers, to keep in touch with plans and conditions / emergency SOS beacon if we have an emergency or come across someone who needs immediate medical help.

Garmin Instinct Activity Watch (Dan) (Purchased)

  • GPS / Heart Monitor / Stress Monitor / Weather + Storm Alerts / Tracking Speed & Milage hiked / Tracking Altitude / Reverse tracking if lost / Barometer / Compass / Sun + Moon Phase /

Guthook App + PCT Full Trail Module (Purchased)

  • Phone App that is a must for every hiker to have that has updated information on things to note from other hikers who just hiked the section you are about to travel.

GAIA GPS APP for backpacking (Will Purchase)

  • Phone App that is a must for every hiker that provides more information than Guthook offers. We will get the premium level to gain access to all parts of the trail to help with planning and hiking the trail.

National Geographic Paper Maps Of The PCT Sections as a back-up (Will Purchase)

  • Will research. Looking at the National Geographic maps broken down by sections to carry individually.

Electronics: Mixed

Phone: iPhone 12 Max Pro (Both Dan + Chantal)

  • Right now that is the phone we both will get or if something better comes up. We are both due for a new phone soon if we pull the trigger and get that phone or wait a bit for the price to drop. Bottom line we will both have a great phone to capture incredible photos and record video with incredible sound.

iPhone Protection Case (Not Purchased)

  • Will purchase a rugged backcountry case to protect the phone. Will research when phone is purchased.

Anker Powerbank (Not Purchased) (Both Dan/Chantal)

  • Considering which size to get. Will have fast charge and the ability to charge different things. Researching the size of the charger. Will buy closer to the trip.

Anker Wall Charger (Not Purchased) (Both Dan or Chantal)

  • One with fast charge and can charge multiple things. Still researching.


External Microphone – Rode Mini Mic (Shared) (Not Purchased)

  • Will be used to record our Podcast on trail. Will research more which mic is the best, but this one looks like the one we will use.

DSLR/Smaller Full Frame Camera: (Undecided If We Will Bring)

  • With the excellent camera of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, not to mention what the technology will bring by the time we hike… not sure if we will want to carry a point and shoot camera or something better. Do want to take killer photos tho.

Gimbal: (Undecided) / Considering DJI Osmo or equivalent

  • Something that would work with the size of the iPhone 12

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