Dan & Chantal’s GEAR LIST & TOTAL COST on LighterPack:

View the full breakdown of all our gear by clicking here –>> Dan’s Full List AND Chantal’s Full List.

Below is the estimated cost of our gear & weight to carry (not including food + water for the leg we will be hiking)

Note: These amounts will change and the two links above will show you our current projected set-up. We will be looking for lower cost gear that hopefully is the same or lower weight and provides the same value + technology/performance as some of the highest rated gear used by hikers in the 2019-2020 PCT

Dan’s is below… followed by Chantal’s the next graph down.

View Dan’s Full List AND Chantal’s Full List.

Money Saved > Money Spent So Far:

Below is the money spent on gear & resources tracked with google sheets. It also lists the total money saved and the amount in the spending pot that we will use for our next gear purchase.

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