Gear: Our Shelter + Cooking/Hydration System

Dan & Chantal’s GEAR LIST & TOTAL COST on LighterPack:

View the full breakdown of all our gear by clicking here –>> Dan’s Full List AND Chantal’s Full List.

Shelter System:

MSR Mutha Hubba NX – 3 Person, 3 Season Tent / Paid $509CAD down from $679CAD.

Our Tent Specs Here

Shared Cooking/Food System:

Gear Type: Combined Cook Pot/Mug | Purchased yet: Yes / Manufacturer: Toaks / Model: Toaks Titanium Cup/Pot 750ml shown above with our BRS 3000T gas burner / Web:   Weight: 103 grams / Cost: 52CAD

The other cookpot is a Stanley Adventure Series pot with a locking lid to keep things secure. Came with two nesting cups that we left home. It’s a tiny bit heavier than our Toaks, but can’t beat the $18CAD price down from $40CAD

We decided to bring a cook set on the trip. The first 700 miles through the desert we will cold soak our food using an empty Talenti jar where the lid screws on. (shown below after we eat the gelato 😉 This will be perfect to cold soak some oatmeal for our 2nd breakfast or for the evenings with different meals we can make so it will be ready to eat as soon as we get into camp.

But we will have a small lightweight stove to cook in our Toaks Pot/Mug so if we want to cook something we can. In the Sierra’s the stove will be a treat to have something warm for dinner or a cup of coffee/tea after waking up.

Gear Type: Cooking Stove / Purchased: Yes / Manufacturer: BRS / Model: 3000T Ultralight Gas Stove Burner shown above in hand and with Toaks Pot / Weight: 25 grames / Cost: 21CAD

Fire-starter: Mini Bic Lighter

Gear Type: Titanium Spoon/Spork / Purchased yet: Yes / Manufacturer: Sea To Summit Model: Alpha Light Long Spork / Web: Weight: / Cost: 13CAD Each

Above, we both will be using the lightweight spork to reach down to the bottom of the jar to scoop out every last drop of what we are eating.

We need to get some sort of critter bag to keep our food in and in the Sierra Mountains, we will have to keep a bear canister shown below.

Gear Type: Bear Can / Purchased yet: No / Manufacturer:  Bear Vault Model:  BV500

Shared Water Filtration & Hydration System:

Gear Type: Portable Water Filtration System / Purchased: Yes / Manufacturer: Sawyer Products / Model: Sawyer Squeeze SP129 / Web: Link / Weight: 90.7 grams / Cost: $43CAD / Notes: We purchased one for now & will look at technology closer to hike. This is probably the most popular one on the trail, so we will probably pick up another for 2nd hiker.

We will buy our water bladders closer to the trip and update this post. We went with the Sawyer Squeeze and will use it in some shake-down trips planned in Ontario and test it out.

Water Storage: Two 1L Plastic Smart Water Bottles & 3L Water Bladder /

Not decided or purchased yet… but the Cnoc Outdoor Bladder above is the best for scooping up water quickly. Will probably buy in San Diego when we resupply with some American food and odds and ends.

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