Helping To Raise Money via Cutting Grass

I live at 179 Aberdeen Ave in Peterborough, Ontario. My Daughter and I are planning on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2023 for 6 months.

To help raise money for our trip…

I’m looking for a couple of houses near me that might be looking for someone to cut the grass 2-4 times a month. Or maybe keep my little card I’m passing around nearby for when you don’t feel like it or you might be away. Maybe you might feel like it next year. (I’m also interesting to do a little outdoor painting if you have some)

Click here to learn more about us.

Click here to learn more about our hike.

How you can help?

Let us know if my Dad can cut your grass. He is looking to do the cutting on his day off which should be Saturday morning during the week. He only wants a couple of houses. He wants to make it reasonable. Maybe you might have some outdoor painting of a fence or a deck. He would be interested in that too. Any help to our savings will be awesome! You can reach him by email ( ) or text 705.760.6927

Our trek should take us 6 months and we have budgeted about $10,000 for this adventure hiking from the border of Mexico up to the border of Canada. Feel free to explore our website for information about our trip. We just launched it and we are adding content to it this spring.

We will document our fundraising efforts on this page and keep a total of money raised by cutting grass and other things.

Thanks, Chantal

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