Elina Osborne hiked the PCT in 2019 and she came across my YouTube feed of PCT recommendations for her short film on her hike. It was one of the series we watched together with my daughter to see if she wanted to hike this huge trail. You can view her channel here.

All these hikers who do the PCT and head northbound will usually leave in April. So now is the Class of 2019’s one year anniversary.

I’m sure they are super reflective looking back and every day will provide them with Facebook memories and also memories in Timehop showing photos taken and video clips. I could not imagine and I’m sure everyone wants to share every day and relive the trail again day by day as it happens. They will think about the sections and the challenges and the wonderful highs and lows. I’m sure they shake their head thinking about the hike and if they accomplished it or couldn’t for some reason. I noticed this post from Elina on her Gram and I wanted to share it.

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