Having A Zero or a Nero In A PCT Town / What that would be like?

Town Day! Taking a Nero or a Zero.

On our six month hike, we will be near a town every 2 – 7 days. Many times the trail will cross a road and this would be our opportunity to hitch a ride into town to stock up on food for the next section of the trail and run errands and probably eat some real food.

“Nero” – A partial zero-day. Walking not many miles. A typical day with a ‘Nero’ would be hiking part of the day and going into town and being off-trail to resupply. A Zero would be a day of no hiking on-trail. Full day in town usually running errands and resting.

Eat! Most likely before anything gets done in town is head somewhere and eat something. A big burger and some chunky fries and a cold beer would be a perfect reward since I would probably be thinking about ‘Town Day’ and that badass burger for the last 2-3 days as I walked up every hill.

“When someone smells good, they automatically become more attractive.”

– Cosmopolitan Magazine, Feb 1996

Laundry would be done, where you strip down and probably wear your rain gear so you can wash all your clothes for 90 minutes as you try and find an open electrical outlet to charge our devices. If the laundromat has wifi… then we would upload and post some things we have saved in the bank.

Now we would have to get out our rain gear and get ourselves clean. Hopefully we have somewhere to hang our shit outside to dry like below at the Julian Lodge.

Shower! Along the PCT there are coin showers here and there and I’m sure everyone indulges in one if they find one. If we are not staying overnight in town we need to wash. If we are staying overnight in a room we would check-in and have showers and put on some clean clothes. For this example of ‘Town Day’ we will say that we are staying on the trail or at a campground near the trailhead in our tents with no room.

Resupply! We would need to stock up on the food we were going to bring on the next leg of the trip. Maybe we think it will be a four-day hike to the next road where we can get into a town to resupply next. We would have to find a general store and buy food that we can break down into meals.

  • light to carry
  • easy to split up
  • high in calories to give us energy
  • can be eaten as is without cooking (or boiled or hydrated with cold or hot water)
  • food that is good value for what you are paying for.

It’s kind of like grocery shopping in a convenience store sometimes with the prices and minimal selection. If it’s a stop along the PCT it should have some hiker-friendly food options.

Or if we mailed ourselves some food from a previous town South we would go pick it up at the post office.

Once we get our haul, we need to find a place to sort it. Most people use baggies to sort meals. Maybe in this town, we would go to the post office and pick up a resupply box we mailed ourselves if this trail stop didn’t have a proper place to buy groceries. You can see below how she mailed herself the next section’s food.

If we are hiking North and up ahead there are not good places to resupply our food, we will box up enough food and mail it ahead to ourselves after we sort out our grocery store haul.

Charge things! We will have headlamps, power banks, phones, camera batteries, and our Garmin SOS In-Reach to keep us safe & connected when on-trail.

Editing & Posting/Uploading – will be a focus when in Town with places with stronger Wifi to keep our social posted so you can see what we are doing and where we are in the hike.

So before heading back on the trail, we might grab one more meal before we get hiking again. Hey, why not. Might as well use the restroom… it might be a couple of days till we see a toilet.

Back on the trail.

Town Day with a Motel room would be like being spoiled.

So getting a room to stay in town can offer us so much. An easy way to resupply, shower, rest, sleep in a bed, charge things, upload things to share with everyone. The hard part is the cost. Sometimes a budget-minded hiker would split a room with another couple so 4 to a room. LOL can’t imagine the crap all around the room… but that might bring the cost down to $25 per person for the night.

If anyone wants to help us out with treating us to a room for the night… you can find the information here.

I think ‘Town Days’ would be fun to think about… with eating ice cream or just having a soapy shower.

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