Big Bear (Hwy18) to Interstate 15 (Cajon Pass) Leg 8-Sec C


California Section C = 132 miles: between Cabazon to I-15 (Cajon Pass) / You are viewing Leg 8 below of Section C:

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  • Leg 8 is 66 miles from Big Bear to Interstate 15/Cajon Pass and the famous PCT McDonalds. We are estimating this section will take us 5 days of hiking.
  • Looking forward to visiting Deep Creek Hot Springs after the 300 mile marker.

Daily hiking goals:

Day 1 = 18 miles

Day 2 = 14 miles

Day 3 = 12 miles

Day 4 = 14 miles

Day 5 = 10 miles, plus a long break at McDonalds to resupply only with food from McDonalds for our next leg 😉

If you have to climb out of Cajon Pass on a hot day, there is basically ZERO shade till about mile 356.


Old Best Western is now called Cajon Pass Inn 760-249-6777 / They accept hiker packages for free: 8317 US Hwy 138, Phelan, CA 92371 / They also have laundry and good hiker rates. You can use Lyft to get to McDonald’s for $7- / The Inn also has a hiker box.

Del Mar Taco

Subway Sandwiches

Circle K also has small hiking supplies

We should get to this McDonald’s about 36 days into our hike.

McDonald’s Resupply Challenge:

McDonald’s Resupply Challenge Youtube Vlog and IBTAT doing it on Youtube

The McDonald’s resupply challenge is buying only McDonald’s food to only eat McDonald’s food between Cajon Pass and Wrightwood. Some people only do McDoubles and some will supplement chicken nuggets and a mixture of Rotten Ronnie’s fave into the challenge.

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