Interstate 10 to Hwy 18 (Big Bear, CA) Leg 7-Sec C


California Section C = 132 miles: between Cabazon – I-15 (Cajon Pass) / You are viewing Leg 7 below of Section C:

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Section C starts with Leg 7 which is quite long at 66 miles. We are expecting to hike it in 4 days and take 2 days off as Zero days in Big Bear to resupply and rest while running errands.

Daily hiking goals:

Day 1 = 8-10 miles

Day 2 = 15 miles

Day 3 = 20 mile goal

Day 4 = 10 miles

Day 5 = Zero Town Day in Big Bear

Day 6 = Zero Town Day in Big Bear

This section should be 4 days and you can see the climb out of Cabazon for us.

  • Leaving Cabazon is uphill. I’m sure we will go 10 miles and sleep at the 219 mi marker.
  • Day 2 will be a farther push with a 15-mile day to get to the 235.5 mi marker.
  • Day 3 of this leg will have us push for 20 miles with us trying to get up early and start hiking when it’s cooler. We will Zero in Big Bear to rest up our “rookie” legs. We will camp at the 256-mile marker.
  • Day 4 will be a 10-mile hike where we can camp around 266 mile-marker before the hitch to Big Bear in the morning. If we make good time, we can go into Big Bear if we can find a cost-effective place to stay.
  • Day 5 – 6 will be a double zero. They have a pretty good hostel in Big Bear and sounds like a cool place to stay at someone’s house

Towns/Points Of Interest:

Big Bear Services:

  • Big Bear on Google Maps
  • Big Bear Travel Tourism Website
  • Need a shuttle: Call George 661-470-6976 / nice guy and reasonable rates (2019 GH comment)
  • Stay: Big Bear Village Lodge – 2019 GH Comment that hiker rates are $50 per night
  • Stay: Snowbear Lodge $65-85 (2020)
  • Stay: Fireside Lodge $75 (2020) owner Sunny gives rides and helps hikers 909 866 2253
  • Eat: Research Internet
  • Clean Jeans Laundromat
  • Big Bear Sporting Goods: That’s the place to go for PCT needs (Blauers Board Shop: Outdoor Equipment Outfitter/call first to see if they have what you need /// Big 5 Sporting Goods: not worth your time the GH comments say.)
  • Goldsmith’s Sports (near Vons) has trail runners
  • International Travellers House (Hostel) 657 Modoc Drive Big Bear Lake, California 92315 / Tenting area behind it. Local $1.50 bus stops out front. Camping is $20 / Dorm for 8 was $27 / Private Rm $69 with breakfast and dinner and laundry for $3
  • 2DO: Add all the places to eat and anything to do in Big Bear

Big Bear City Services:

Mama & Pappa Smurf (below):

This FB post is from 2022.

Kenny & Michelle’s is in Big Bear City could be a cool place to stay

Vlogs covering this section:

2 comments on “Interstate 10 to Hwy 18 (Big Bear, CA) Leg 7-Sec C”

  1. Hey Dan, there were 2-3 excellent camp spots between the Whitewater preserve trail junction and Whitewater River (around the 219 mile mark). My ‘tramily’ stayed at Whitewater preserve and they all liked it but I camped alone in the canyon and it was great, stunning views, really peaceful etc. Fingers crossed the trail in the Mission Creek section is rebuilt by 2023.

    1. That’s sweet of you! I made a note of that for that section. Thanks Zarah! Me too! Looks like 90 miles of the trail was damaged by fires this year so sounds like they are investigating and working on new trail to go around that section. Thanks and stay safe!

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