Jan/Feb/Mar 2021 Planning Notes

We dropped Episode One of our Podcast:

It totals 20 minutes in length and it covers a simple introduction of the two of us. We used Anchor to make it and it’s on Spotify, Apple, and 7 other podcast platforms. You can listen to it here. We will be interviewing two hikers who have completed the trail in a difficult snow year in 2019. We have a PCT section hiker also lined up to interview. We have two PCT class of 2021 hikers also lined up… with one lady going NOBO and one couple from Canada hopefully to start later this year traveling SOBO.

We got excited and dropped Episode 2 of the podcast which goes into detail about what the trail is and more information about our plan to hike it.

This episode was huge with content and half way through we were at a hour of recording so we decided to divide it in half. Episode 3 is below and it’s our best one yet. We added some background sounds into the podcast and our banter back and forth is getting better for this little basement podcast.

Both episodes 2 and 3 are an hour long so we recommend you get your earbuds and go out for a nice walk outside and listen. We have had great success with the first two episodes with the reach and metrics. 30% of our listeners are not from Canada. 37% are from the United States and the rest are global. Most people are listening on Apple and Spotify Podcasts.

New blog layout:

I’m not 100% sure I like it… but I really like the fonts and visuals on the individual posts. We will keep tweaking it. We hope you like it and it looks good.

Working on Episode 4 of the Podcast that will cover Trail Lingo + Introduce someone that will hike with us for the first month

No rush on episode 4 and will record that soon. It will introduce Heidi who is a friend of Dan’s and it’s looking like she is silly enough to come out for the first 4 weeks and hike from Campo up to Big Bear California. I wish she could come for longer and do a stretch that would be more epic… but starting out will be good since we will kind of go slow and we will get into some elevation and get more into the mountains a bit. Next up is bugging her Daughter Chloe to come with her too.

Created A Private Facebook Group For Canadian’s + More Importantly From Ontario To Connect

It’s for people hiking 21, 22, 23, and 24 basically… since we might want to talk about where to get stuff local and also maybe connect with more. Would be great to connect with some peeps in our year and from Ontario and do some zoom’s with them. We can share stuff we find online. One lady from the Ottawa area is thinking of doing our year, so it’s been nice to talk to her and share some info. She was planning on starting early March to have more time to go slow. Who knows… she might end up going near us and be in our “hiking bubble” (see trail lingo)

Bought A Nitecore NU25 Headlamp for $49CAD


  • Three light sources (white, high CRI and red)
  • 4 brightness levels and 3 special modes
  • Dual switches for easy operation
  • Available in three colors (black, white and yellow)
  • Lockout function and built-in power indicator
  • Built-in micro-USB rechargeable battery
  • Great for urban and wilderness environments
  • Ideal for biking, hiking, camping, walking and more

Dan bought a Klymit Sleeping Pad for $170CAD

You can read all the specs of the sleeping pad here.

Scout & Frodo’s After Dinner Talk For the PCT Class of 2021

You can watch it here.

Navigating Section A on the PCT. Google Earth view and four videos covering from Campo, CA to Warner Springs, CA

You can watch it here and along with some great videos covering the first section of the PCT.

Thank-You Taye for becoming a Patron and Supporting Us!

Phone notification about a new Patron that brings our total to 13 people. I didn’t recognize the name and it makes you wonder who they are and how did they find out about us. I sent her a message to say thanks and I rambled a bit and asked her some questions about how did she hear about us…

So awesome! Thank you Taye! Words can’t describe how much we appreciate the support!!! Hope we can meet you when we cross the border for some dinner in Vancouver before we make our way back to Ontario.

Booked Some Hiking Practice At Silent Lake Provincial Park

Silent Lake has a great 16km trail around the lake. We booked two nights to do two laps of the lake each day with our packs. We can test our camp stoves and cook some things to try. We are heading from June 28th to the 30th. We can test our tent and some of our gear. Heidi who is coming for the first month of the PCT will come to test out her stuff. My kids are excited and we are trying to drag some more friends up there to spread more peeps around the fire at night with some drinks. Chantal and I will use 5-pound backpacks we have now since we have not purchased our PCT ones. Chantal can bring her new sleeping bag and I’ll use my old one for now.

We booked the walk-in spots, which is great since there in no cars parked beside each spot and it’s a small 3 min walk to the parking lot. I’ve camped twice in spot #81 and this time we will move to #82. Hopefully, some friends can book spot 81 that is with us.

Organizing Gear & Getting Ready For Camping Season

Putting gear into diddy bags and plastic bags for now to pack my pack. For the things that I will bring or still have to buy… I’ve just added a little piece of cardboard to remind me to buy it and have it in stock.

Blown Away By Future Trail Angels!

Blown away by Mike’s message. Congratulations to him and his family who picked up a lovely house in the mountains this past fall. He is from San Diego and reached out and offered us to stay with him. Idyllwild is such a lovely spot and we were planning on spending a double zero there to rest before the next little part gets wild with some elevation, possible snow and a mountain summit to top that off. It will be great if it’s possible for Mike and his family to hike a little with us down south or maybe along the stretch after Idyllwild. We have to think of a way to “pay it forward” to give back for this hospitality.

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