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Always excited to record with Chantal and catch up with her and bug her a little. She didn’t get my joke at the bottom of the Instagram post. I had to explain that she took a fall and someone took the photo so when I fall in the future that I hope I have a photographer to capture me.

We Published Episode 6 Of Our Podcast Explaining That We Are Pushing Our Hike To 2024 from 2023

We published the episode where we explained that we were sorry that we had to push our 2023 hike to 2024. In the episode, we said sorry to Heidi who was scheduled to come hike with us for the first month of it. She didn’t tell her kids and after we published the podcast… Heidi messaged me and said she wasn’t mad at me… since I commented that I could just sense it a little. She is still coming for 2024. She didn’t tell her kids so she sent them a message to go and listen to it 😉

Here is the show notes for episode 6 of our podcast.

Lots of talk this year of the snow pack is above normal.

This YouTube video from Austin Seder is incredible and really well done. Highly recommended to watch and throw it on your big screen tv. You can view it here covering his 2021 hike. The editing and storyboard are excellent and it’s such a great doc on the PCT summarizing someone’s hike.

Going to get ahead on the podcast this year. We just recorded and released Episode 7 & 8 below

Edited in Prisma app with Femme

The PCT Class of 2022 will be starting in March. I can’t image how their head would not be spinning with excitement, todo lists and fear.

“Within forty minutes, the voice inside my head was screaming, WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO? I tried to ignore it, to hum as I hiked, though humming proved too difficult to do while also panting and moaning in agony and trying to remain hunched in that remotely upright position while also propelling myself forward when I felt like a building with legs.”
― Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Quotes I like…

Thanks for the review Taye!

It was also nice to chit-chat with you online. You live in a beautiful place in the world and it would be so cool to meet up with you on the West Coast when we finish in British Columbia. Also, thanks for being a Patron on our Patreon… very much appreciated!

The Mental Part Of The Trail…

Some winter hikes. Brought out the stove to make some tea. Really looking forward to hiking this summer and bringing our gear to play around with.

Thank you for following along and looking at our updates. It’s quiet with being about 700 days away 😉

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