Jan to Mar 2023 Updates

Really nice to hear from a sweet lady in Norway that likes to listen to our episodes.

Her Son is studying in California and she is interested in hiking the PCT. So like everyone that we talk to… we ask them to come hike with us in 2024!

Dropped a really good podcast into two episodes with a cool guy who made a really excellent PCT film and also Vlogged on his 2022 PCT hike that was excellent.

Really happy with this episode where we used audio clips from his vlog in the show. Excellent to listen over about 4 dog walks outside. You can find the show notes here that have the links to both episodes and some photos and links to what we talked about with James.

Dropping the first week of January a little episode with us answering Sue’s questions that we had banked.

We dropped an episode with Wes & Marie above and also with Pam and Donovan below who hiked the PCT in 2022.

We dropped Mallory & Luke above and also re-released an episode with Doug below.

Yes… we talked to the Mayor of Idyllwild and we are excited to see the new Mayor Max III when we get into Idyllwild when we hike. This was a fun episode to record.

Snow Snow Snow:

The snow is crazy this year getting dumped in the Sierra and all along California in the mountains. Many people are letting go of their permits to try and hike later in the year or … (gulp) probably try to go in 2024 in our PCT year. A couple of hikers took off on March 1st heading north. It’s going to be fun to follow on Instagram and YouTube as the first couple of hikers set off.

Hey… it’s true!!

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