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Leg 4 Distance: 32 miles / We are estimating it take us 2 days hiking from Julian to Warner Springs. Maybe a small early morning hike might be needed on Day 3 into Warner Springs to take a Zero and get some errands done.

Daily hiking goal:

Day 1 = 14 miles

Day 2 = 18 miles

Day 3 = Zero at Warner Springs.

  • When we leave Julian late in the morning on Day 1, we will try and go around 13 miles and maybe push a little farther if we can so we have fewer miles on Day 2. We have several campsites on the saddle of the ridge around mile marker 86, 88. If we can go for 15 miles we can camp at mile marker 91.2 or 94.4
  • We will hit the 100-mile marker on this Leg. It should happen on Day 11 of this trip.
  • Eagle Rock is at 106.2 (shown below which will be 3 miles before we get to Warner Springs
  • It should be really windy on this section of the trail. Windy at night also so maybe earplugs would be a good idea to help sleep with the flapping of the tent.
  • Just thinking out loud… should my Toronto Raptors, NBA Champion hat go on my trip? 😉

About Warner Springs, California:

Warner Springs is a very small community 1.2 miles E of the PCT on Hwy 79 with a hikerfriendly community center, resort, golf course, occasional sdmts.com bus service, and post office [760-782-3166].

The Warner Springs Ranch Resort [warnerspringsranchresort.com, 760-782-4200] has
reopened following bankruptcy several years ago. The resort has new owners, see web site for the latest updates.

Warner Springs Post Office [M-F 8-11 & 11:30-4, Sa 8-1:30]:
(Your Name)
c/o General Delivery
Warner Springs, CA 92086

The Warner Springs Community Resource Center [760-782-0670; about 100 yards E of the PCT at the first crossing of Highway 79] has been very hiker-friendly the past few years offering hikers water, computer use, WiFi, charging stations, camping, food, and a small but surprisingly well-stocked hiker resupply store. contact email:  WarnerResourceCenter@gmail.com Resource Center website:  wscrcenter.org

We will take a zero here and camp under the oak trees for free and edit videos and upload to YouTube and a Podcast.

We will charge our devices and do some laundry in the washtub outside and do what all the hiker trash do… put the laundry out to dry while we wear some loaner clothes in the hiker box while we wait.

Also: Montezuma Valley Market at Mile Marker 101

This place is rebuilding after a fire. They have places you can rent to sleep. You can camp on site. All the food for resupplying and some gear. They have a licenced Beer Garden and also you can do bucket laundry and have a hot shower. They are rebuilding so give them a call and they will come and pick you up. We will probably stay with them.

An early mock-up of the store as they rebuild. With outdoor seating 😉

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This completes Section A of the PCT.

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