July to Dec 2022 Updates

Released Episode 16 On Our Podcast & Actively Recording With Others To Drop Soon

Dan interviews Chris who has hiked the Triple Crown that includes the PCT, AT and the CDT. He also purchased Triple Crown Coffee and you can listen to the podcast on all the platforms. At the 1 hour and 9 min mark of the podcast, there is a 33 min segment covering Chantal’s two trips she made this summer to NYC and then to LAX/SFO. You can find the show notes here.

Starting To Drop Weight

Going in the right direction… which is nice. Still a ways to go. Would like to get to 250 by the end of the summer and that will put me back to the weight I was in 2014. Then I will keep going. I need to take measurements and update the spreadsheet. Going to sign back up to Fit4Less again for the fall.

Thank You Rose! For Supporting Chantal With The Cost Of Her Shoes

Thanks to Rose for signing up with our Patreon to support us. You can see our support us page for different ways to support us!

Recorded Part One With Alex (PCTClass2022 NOBO)

Alex has finished her hike and we need to follow up with her and finish part two of the podcast. This should happen soon.

Summer Of Fun

Dan went camping with a lady at Silent Lake. He also chilled this summer with lots of outdoor concerts.

Dan also followed the girl to Montreal where she was hanging out till leaving for Thailand. Chantal’s summer was busy with working and friends and she took off to England and Ireland with her brother Noah and their Mom.

Chantal is always vibing with vintage finds and thrift store hauls. She also needs to eat more carbs.

Moving into the fall…

Work and school for Chantal. Finding new work and keep getting in shape for Dan is what’s going on. He is 50 pounds down as we get closer to 500 days away from this trip. The updates this year have been little to none since we don’t need gear to buy. Time to save more money for our trip. This winter the planning will start up again with the quiet of winter.

More updates as we go along…

Starting up listening to so many episodes saved in my Spotify. Above is a great local podcast from Toronto and I’m enjoying listening to episodes with local trails… she interviewed a Toronto hiker who was in this year’s PCT Class. Below was interesting about learning about little bad-ass-sand-lobsters… only a small percentage can take down an adult. But this one really messed up someone in the backcountry….

Down some weight which is nice!

Lots of it is poor eating with not enough calories but I’ll take it. Need to dial in nutrition and meal planning and enter the gym into the equation. It’s nice to get a smaller tummy to feel more confident about myself.

Head to the podcast section to listen to those that have dropped also…

We started a Facebook Group for our Podcast if any listeners were to engage with us in any dialogue or even ask us questions.

You can find it here if you want to subscribe.

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