Kearsarge Pass Trail to Muir Trail Ranch at 857.7mi marker | Leg 16 | Sec H


The total Section H is from Crabtree Meadows (765 mile marker) to Hwy 120 (Tuolumne Meadows) (942 mile marker) which is a total of 177 miles for Section H.

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  • This section is 70 miles in the Sierra. No idea what the conditions or snow pack will be. If we could fit 9 days of food maybe that would be good. If we are moving along and doing more than 10 miles a day we can eat more to keep warm but if we need more food since we are slower that is safe. Could get injured and make it slow going. Who knows. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • River crossings can also be unknown. What will the flow of water be. Early mornings to cross is always the best if it’s a difficult deep crossing. Early mornings the water will be lower. Later in the day as snow melts… the rivers will get faster.

Mileage Markers / Elevation:


  • Starting off will be the rise up and over Glen Pass which hikers have said that it is sometimes really sketchy and the last mile to get over is hard and going back down the other side is steep and you need to move slow and careful down the other side. Then all the way down to go back up over Pinchot Pass. I’m thinking Glen Pass one day and then Pinchot Pass the next day..
  • Mather Pass is next.
  • Then way back up to 12,000 ft with Muir Pass. All of this will kick our ass. We will party in Bishop when we get there with some barley pops for sure.
  • In 2019, a 67-year-old man hiking alone died on the trail near Mather Pass after apparently slipping on a small patch of ice and hitting his head on a rock. June is regarded as the most treacherous month to be on the trails. That’s typically the peak of seasonal snowmelt in the High Sierra, when summer’s heat flushes torrents of water through alpine streambeds that hikers must ford. Two female through-hikers drowned in Sierra river crossings in July 2017 following a winter of unusually high snowfall.

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