Keegan Leary | Sections Of The PCT: 2021 | YouTube Vlog

Keegan, who I just discovered on youtube… did a really nice video just to document the section.

Section A is below: Campo to Warner Springs

Section B is below: Warner Springs to HWY I-10

Section C is below: HWY I-10 to HWY I-15

Section D is below: HWY I-10 to Agua Dulce

Section E is below: Agua Dulce to Tehachapi

Section F is below: Tehachapi to Walker Pass

Section G is below: Walker Pass to Crabtree Meadows

After that, he posts three more that don’t list the section

  • If this isn’t MOUNTAIN BLISS then I don’t know what is (Kings Canyon NP) | link
  • Lightning Storm in Tuolumne – HIKING ALONE | link

In the last video above, he commented that this was the last video he made before he had to get off trail due to a foot injury. He also typed “To Be Continued” so that’s promising that he will be back on the PCT to finish it.

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