Kennedy Meadows to Lone Pine | Leg 13-Sec G


California Section G (Sec Dist-115mi) / Walker Pass (Onyx, Kernville) to Crabtree Meadows (Mt. Whitney) (767mi)

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  • The Pacific Crest Trail and the South Fork of the Kern River run through the heart of the South Sierra Wilderness which stradle the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. About half the acers of the South Sierra Wilderness is managed by the Inyo National Forest and the other half is managed by the Sequoia National Forest.
  • Kennedy Meadows is at the 702 mile marker and we need to go 43 miles to get into Lone Pine to resupply. Elevation starts at 6,000ft and moves into 8,000 and then 10,000 feet. This trek to start the Sierra’s could take 4-6 days depending on conditions.
  • We will simply try for 4 days and if we move well is extra town time.
  • Since I’m typing these trail notes a while away from our PCT hike, we would be focused on the weather reports and also what the snow pack information in the area we are hiking. Since the trail notes for the desert sections had calcualtions about how many miles in a day… the Sierra’s could be a whole different ball game.
  • Since we will be moving deeper into the Sierra’s and the mountains will really start to rise above us… it will take us 1 to 2 days to really start to be entrenched by them.

Mileage Markers / Elevation:

  • Day 1 we can try and push 14 miles (702-716 mm) and camp near the Kern River and it’s sandy beach shores if uncovered by snow and hopefully cowboy camp.
  • Day 2 we will push up in elevation to and past the 10,000ft marker. Day 2 we can try and push for 19 miles or at least the 732 mm or past it.
  • Day 3 could be 10-15 miles depending on our day 2 finishing spot. Then into Lone Pine. We scheduled 4 days if the weather or elevation makes it slower than we thought.

Towns/Points Of Interest:

Click here to view Resupply, Food, Places To Sleep & Info for Lone Pine, Independence, Bishop and other resupply points for the Sierra’s

Vlogs covering section:

  • Kinda Nomadic had the best vlogs for 2021. Here is his K.M. to Lone Pine video below

Throw in another below.

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