Listen To This Podcast: The Attempt / 2019 SOBO Journey

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The Attempt. Brought to you by The Trek and Bad Cat Media, which follows Benjamin Drachman during his SOBO (Southbound) attempt of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019 and these 12 episodes follow his journey south. Benjamin would record audio clips and upload them to his Sister Julia at home and she would put them together while he was on trail. This podcast will last 5 hours in total, but it’s edited quite nicely by Julia. I listened to this one on my walk downtown each morning on my daily commute before Covid changed things and forced me to work from home.

Show notes and a link to The Trek and the episodes you can find them here.

This podcast inspires us to record from the trail. Don’t forget to visit our Podcast Page to subscribe and follow along also.

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