Lone Pine to Crabtree Meadows Leg 14-Sec G


California Section G (Sec Dist-115mi) / Walker Pass (Onyx, Kernville) to Crabtree Meadows (Mt. Whitney) / This Leg 14 covers Lone Pine to Crabtree Meadows (Mt. Whitney)

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We need bear cans into the Sierra to store our food and with the elevation it’s easy to wake up to frozen socks that are still and crunchy when you try to bend them and it’s easy to wake up to snow.

Mileage Markers / Elevation:


  • 22 miles from the trails that come from Lone Pine back to the PCT to go to Crabtree Meadows where you take the trail for those who want to summit Mt. Whitney since it’s not on the PCT. Usually people that are not hiking up Mt. Whitney will make camp and wait at Crabtree Meadows or closer to the base of the mountain.
  • We will enter Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park at the 754 mile-marker.
  • I’m sure we will do this 22 miles in two days. We will probably sleep at the 760 mile marker just to come down in elevation. Set up camp early and wake up early to try and summit if the weather allows us. Sort of an “Alpine Start” so we can get up to the top closer to Sunrise. You can’t camp east of the Crabtree Ranger Station including Guitar Lake. You may day-hike to Mount Whitney. PCT permit does not include camping east of the Ranger Station
  • Mt. Whitney is about 8 miles east of the Ranger Station via the John Muir Trail. Lots of water from Whitney Creek near the Ranger Station. Food storage boxes next to the tenting area to keep food away from bears. Ranger Kris is a real cool guy if he is working when you are there.
  • There is a two-night camping limit in the Whitney Creek/Crabtree area as per NPS regulations.
  • You can find the grave of a 27 year old Doctor at the end of the meadow where the pit toilet is. Keep walking past the toilet on your left until the meadow narrows and forms a tiny spit of land. You will see a wooden cross & rocks outlining the grave from 1946. He died climbing Mt. Whitney. They got permission for him to buried in the National Park and they used dynomite to help dig the grave since the dirt is shallow and they could only get to 3ft. down.

Our info on our side trip Mt. Whitney Summit can be found here.

Towns/Points Of Interest: For this section most people go to Lone Pine or bus North up to Independence.

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