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Our hike is still many days away and we have purchased things already we have to get some other things to complete our gear that we will bring on our 4,000km hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Sure our goal is to have the things that we need and hopefully can comfortably carry them on our bodies and backs in our backpacks. There is so much gear that is incredibly made that shaves weight compared to the hiker hiking a long-distance trail would have had 20 years ago.

The advances in fabric, lightweight materials found in clothing, tents, backpacks, and cooking gear have come to new ways to save weight. With that push to get lighter, the cost of equipment and gear goes up. Being from Canada, we have a weaker dollar so buying that gear comes at a higher price. There is many websites and youtube videos to help you find lighter better gear with reviews and a platform to learn about them. Lots of videos of little hacks you can do to shave those ounces and they add up to a pound or more of weight savings.

I’ll post some YouTube videos below that share some knowledge and get your mind thinking of how to work on making your “kit” as light as possible but not missing things that compromise safety. You do want some level of comfort. (well at least I do… others might pass and don’t want to print a inflatable pillow to save that weight)

Above and below are two screenshots from Jupiter’s YouTube video below these. You can modify gear and cut down on weight by making lighter smaller items and by adjusting the packaging. You can also make modifications to shave ounces like cutting off straps or tags or material that is not needed.

Below is a good starting point to make you think about bringing the right gear for the type of trail, conditions and weather.

Shakedown Hikes:

Getting your gear together and getting out in the outdoors helps you understand what gear you really need. The more shakedown hikes and trips you take helps you understand if a piece of gear is not working or maybe you are not using it and maybe it’s a piece of gear you should drop from your kit.

Dan & Chantal’s GEAR LIST & TOTAL COST on LighterPack:

View the full breakdown of all our gear by clicking here –>> Dan’s Full List AND Chantal’s Full List.

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