May 2020 Notes

  • Cleaned up the website and started posting to our new Facebook Page that friends and family can like + follow to keep track of our planning and thru-hike.
Chantal’s Rab Rain Jacket
  • Ordered a rain jacket for myself + Chantal from The Last Hunt. (show above/below)
Dan’s Outdoor Research Jacket
The men’s Helium II jacket was designed for flash-storm protection when out on an exposed trail. At only 180-grams, this rain shell packs away into its own inner pockets, becoming the size of an apple. It’s made of waterproof and super-breathable Pertex Shield+ 2.5-layer fabric, which has a surprisingly strong 30-denier face fabric. This rain shell’s seams are also fully taped to ensure the most weatherproof seal.
  • Ordered a Sawyer Squeeze to clean our water we pull from streams and lakes. Will test it out and pick up a second one closer to the hike. You can screw it on a smart bottle or a 3L bladder.
Ordered Lorpen trekking socks for Chantal that she can use in the Sierra Mountains and for nighttime. Reg $60CAD down to $24CAD
Dan ordered socks from Darn Tough Socks. Normal pair of Merino Wool cushion socks and one that will go just above his hiking shoe.
  • Pacific Crest Trials arrived and I’m going to read it first and make some notes. I’ll pass it to Chantal when I’m done. Just started reading it and making notes.
  • Ordered some Mini Moo Cards from Moo for me and Chantal. I also ordered some business cards to pass out around to hopefully cut some grass to help fundraise for some gear.
  • Talked to a local vendor that does silk screening to make some T-Shirts + Hoodies to help with fundraising. They also do stickers and patches so we will look into that. We should be doing a test run near the end of the month.
Dan ordered three lightweight stuff sacks from Osprey for inside his pack to keep stuff organized.
We ordered two Thermarest camping seat that is super durable, crazy lightweight to save sitting on our sleep pad. These can also be used for sporting events, outdoor concerts on the grass… so a great purchase even if we don’t bring them and stick with a sleeping pad. But if we get inflatable sleeping pad… you don’t want to risk a puncture, so this might do the trick since we will sit on it every-time we rest.
We both ordered a Sea To Summit Long Alpha Light Spork to use.
Dan’s Nike Pro Therma Tights came in and will be his main base-layer. They feel light, but will have to get a scale to weigh them.
Bought two inflatable pillows from Amazon from Trekology. Will test it out on some shakedown trips. I think it will be fine compared to Sea To Summit.
Bought a Toaks Cooking Pot and Mug from Amazon for Dan which is super light and great for on the fire, over the stove as a cookpot or a big mug. Picked up a BTS 3000T shows on the right which is super light weight. We will use this when we want something hot in the Sierra Mountains and for a night we don’t want to cold soak. $21CAD on amazon… can’t beat that.
Ordered a Banff Film Festival Buff for myself and Chantal wanted a simple black one. Love Buff since there is close to 9 different ways to wear it to protect you.

Chantal picked up the one below.

Our Mini Moo cards came in with little key-chain cases so we can pass them out to people we talk to. That way they can check us out later online. Below is cards that I will pass out in my area to cut grass to help raise money for gear. I have to get a thin little magnet to glue on so it sticks to people’s fridge.

As May wraps up, I started to build our gear list on a very cool website and it’s a simple website. Here is our lists of our projected costs are. This list is new so I need to spend the time to looker for lower pricepoints that also deliver a high degree of Tech/LightWeight value to our hike. Dan’s Gear List | Chantal’s Gear List

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