Navigation / Pacific Crest Trail by Guthook App

Navigation & Finding out what is happening from the other hikers using Guthook with the active comments to review and advise of places to check out or watch out for.

I purchased Guthook from Atlas Guide for the Pacific Crest Trail. Which has been great for virtually hiking the trail and will be a important app that we will use in the couple months before we hike and also when we are hiking the trail.

Guthook has so much information that is always being updated. When we click on water sources, campsites and even businesses in town… we can see current comments from hikers hiking ahead of us giving advice on certain things. Might be a comment that .2 of a mile ahead is a campsite that could hold 3 tents if we pull up to a campsite listed in Guthook. In my trail notes section, I’ve used screen shots of Guthook to show what’s in town and on the trail.

The purchase of the PCT for the user is for life, so I jumped right away and downloaded it. I’ve scrolled along the trail and clicked on every campsite where we might be looking to bail for the night after a certain number of miles.

The detailed waypoints is such a great feature and the commenting from hikers and even trail angels is awesome. Some of them will post their cell inside a section offering assistance for those who need it. Great for resupply addresses for all points along the trail. Even comments on what the best food is to eat and which places are or are not hiker friendly.

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