No Place Like Camp | Vlog EP 1-9 | PCT 2020

I came across this family hiking the PCT NOBO. The Collinsworth is trekking with a passion from their Daughter Madie who wanted them to do this trip. You can hit their website with more information about them. Brittanie is the Mother who is more of the vlogger in the family. Greg is the Dad and Maddison (Maddie) found out about a 10-year-old who hiked the PCT and the bug was inside her.

When I picked up their vlog… they were going towards Kennedy Meadows and about the enter the Sierra Mountains. So I quickly went backward to watch the first seven vlogs to catch up. Hiking with someone younger has made me follow this family along. I follow them in IG for some updates. I’ll drop new videos on here when they are published.

I want to see them go through the Sierra’s.

Episode 1 | Miles 0 – 43

Episode 2 | Miles 43 – 110

Episode 3 Miles 110 – 180 can be found here.

Episode 4 Miles 180 – 266 can be found here.

Episode 5 Miles 266 – 369 can be found here.

Episode 6 Miles 369 – 444 can be found here.

Episode 7 Miles 444 – 535 can be found here.

Episode 8 Miles 535 – 702 can be found here.

Episode 9 Miles 702 – 772 can be found here.

They have now completed the 2020 hike. Their Daughter decided after a month in the Sierra Mountains that her hike was finished and she ended up staying with family as her parents finished the hike without her. She went a incredible distance. I was hoping to follow their journey and they stopped vlogging. Hopefully they will go through the footage and recap the rest of their journey.

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2 comments on “No Place Like Camp | Vlog EP 1-9 | PCT 2020”

  1. I just came across this and was so excited! This is Gnome (Greg). This was such an epic adventure and hope yours is the same.

    1. I loved following along. We have a little podcast and would love to have you on it to talk about your trip and also have your Daugher on if she feels like it. I’ll reach out to you 😉

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