Northbound: First | The Desert | California | Campo, CA to Kennedy Meadows, CA | 702 Miles

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California Section A / Campo, CA to Warner Springs, CA (Section A’s Total Distance 109.5 mi)

Section A: Summary & Google Earth Fly By (Click Here)

California Section B / Warner Springs, CA to Interstate 10 (Cabazon, CA) (Section B’s Total Distance 100 mi)

California Section C / Interstate 10 to Interstate 15 (Cajon Pass, CA) (Sec Dis 132mi)

California Section D (Sec Dist-112.5mi) / Interstate 15 (Cajon Pass, CA) to Agula Dulce – Leg 9 is 112 miles

California Section E (Sec Dist-112mi) / Agula Dulce to Tehachapi Pass – Leg 10

California Section F (Sec Dist-85.5mi) / Tehachapi Pass to Walker Pass (Onyx, Kernville) – Leg 11 is 85 miles

California Section G / Walker Pass (Onyx, Kernville) to Kennedy Meadows

Other Sec G legs are in the Sierra Section which is the next section North to jump to

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