Nov / Dec Updates & Planning

It’s hard to track down this one down. Busy, Busy… Busy.

Reaching Out To New Hikers & Inviting Them To Our Podcast As A Guest:

We have a list of people interested that we asked a year ago and we also have been reaching out to some new people to hopefully record over the winter and interview people that have completed the PCT and some hikers planning on hiking next year and our year. You can view the guests that have confirmed that they want to participate on our podcast.

Hopefully Our Second Summit: Mount Baden-Powell

We made a post of trying to summit this mountain along the PCT in the Southern California section near Wrightwood. You can view the post here about this Mountain.

The Sierra’s:

We added some photos of his majestic backdrop for the section after the desert. You can view the blog post here.

A Little Bit Of Cuteness On The Trail

Spiders! I don’t Like Them | Chantal doesn’t like them | We are scared!

OMG kill me now. Chantal commented that she would get on a plane if she came across any!

Colder Weather Gear Test & Hike | Silent Lake Provincial Park

Heidi and I hiked Silent Lake Provincial Park to test out colder weather camping and see if we would be warm enough. When we got up there we set up our tent and then set off for a loop around the lake. We cooked on the trail and took a longer break. We also took a break every 2 miles and a little bit of a longer one later on.

I think I forgot to record on my watch for about 5 mins. Lots of leaves on the rocks made it slow going downhill. Thank goodness they were not wet. Getting into our tents… we both felt personally that I’m cold now in the tent that by 3 am… I’ll want to be sitting in the car on with the heat. Thankfully, both of us commented in the morning that we both warmed up.

70% was my heart rate reflecting an easy pace… I felt pretty good doing the loop compared to before. The breaks to adsorb water are key I think with trying to prevent muscle cramps. Temp was great for hiking.

I think that’s about it this season. Maybe we will test our gear in the spring again. I know next year… would defiantly like to do lots of camping and hiking.

I Want To Eat A Thing The Size Of My Head

There is a famous Bakery in Stehekin, Washington and we have to check it out and get some snacks for the trail. The Stehekin Pastry Company also has cabin rentals.

Mt. Jacinto & The Dangers

Heidi and I were talking about our hike at Silent Lake and how Mt. Jacinto is a summit we would like to do. Heidi is a little scared of heights. You can visit our post about Mt. Jacinto and it is the first mountain we will have tried to Summit in our lives. So when I got home… I had to find a post for Heidi to look at. I think she could do it. But the first thing… any of us will try only if it’s safe to do so. Heidi is thinking that she will take the trail at the south section and walk north about 5 miles to the trail we will come down the mountain on if we decide to try and summit it ourselves and split up from Heidi for the day.

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