OCT/NOV 2020 Planning Notes

Working on Trail Notes & Trying To Calculate How Long It Will Take Us:

Went to the dollar store and picked up some 2021 desk calendars to rip apart. Used April 1st as a starting date just to try and calculate each day on how far we might hike and where we would take a zero or Nero to resupply and run errands in town.

Currently working on June. I’ll break down the first two months a little under the next photo.

First month has us only going this far on trail. My fat fingers are showing how far we will hike in April. During April we will have 6 full zero days in Towns and 3 Nero’s to resupply and run errands.

Created a video below that talks about my current planning and also a little thank you to our Patreon Supporters.

Posted a little blog post about Cowboy Camping that we will do some of if we have good conditions. The post is here.

PCT Class of 2020 Finishing Now:

The post is here. (btw that’s an epic photo above that I hope we are hiking with our Tramily and we can spray beer and champagne around and celebrate.)

Yes… I bought another book with my own money and not our PCT money. But it’s a cool picture book 😉 Who doesn’t love photos and graphs? It’s on backorder.

It’s really hard to get a 19-year-old woman who is your Daughter to pick up. 😉 #answerdaddy

The reason I’m hiking this for 6 months. (photo below)

Then I’m also excited to do a different big adventure with my Son 2 years after when he is out of school.

Dan bought a Nike ACG Fleece Jacket for Oregon/Washington when he mails his puffy home and swaps in this due to the wet rainy weather. $106CAD down from 212CAD

Dan bought with his own money Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail Running Shoes for outdoor training. $133CAD down from $190CAD

Dan bought a Rab Down Filled Microlight Puffy Rab – Microlight Summit Jacket – Men’s – Deep Ink (Reg: $458CAD – Paid $226CAD)

Dan bought with his own money a deck of Basecamp Cards from Basecamp Card Co.

I’m going to bring a deck as a “luxury item” since I’m sure we will play with other hikers at camp or in town and I think the cards will spark engaging conversations. You can view my gear & packing list here for Dan.

Basecamp cards are unique decks of playing cards with the goal of creating the ultimate conversations. Whether you’re around the campfire or the cribbage board, these cards will help guide your game time to the best stories! The diverse range of questions was made with good friends in mind, and I wanted to explore the prompts that led up to the most legendary stories! Icebreaking questions in a unique deck of playing cards. Ranging from thought-provoking to goofy, these cards will provide endless fun at camp, the crags, or the coffee table! They are also waterproof.

They came in the mail below and I’m excited to play with them off the trail and now on the trail.

Online New Hiker Meet-Up via www.thru-r.com

It’s always nice to talk the trail with new hikers and also listening to Alum 2019 hikers with Carol and Sebastian. I think this is my fourth one. Fuck… I look creepy. lol. Elmer Fudd.

Dan & Chantal bought a NorthFace Lumbar Pack (Front Fanny Pack) $31CAD down from $44CAD (her’s has Orange on the top)

This will be in the front and will give me 4 more liters of capacity which is good for my phone, snacks, a small notebook/pen, map, etc. It’s also great for Town Day when we are doing errands, I can have my valuable things with me when I don’t have my pack with me. Purchased from “The Last Hunt” website.

Chantal bought a Outdoor Research Bucket Hat / $21CAD down from $45CAD

Lightweight sun protection for face and back of neck. Purchased from “The Last Hunt” website.

Chantal bought a Cook Pot / $18CAD down from $40CAD

Great size for boiling water or cooking on our small portable stove. We will test this out on our shakedown trip next summer. It comes with two nesting cups that go inside, but we will leave them home. Purchased from the “The Last Hunt” website.

Dan purchased a pair of Injinji ToeSock to use a sock liner to help prevent blisters $13CAD on Amazon.ca

Will test this out next year on our gear shakedown trip and any full day hikes till then along with my ‘Darn Tough Socks’.

Patreon Thank-You Cards Sent:

First batch already went out and rec’d notification from a patron that supports us said they just got it in the mail today with stickers and some iron-on’s. The one below is for Margaret from California, who signed up to support us in the $3 Tier. That tier helps support the cost of Chantal’s sleeping quilt that will cost us around $700CAD.

Here is a post with the instructions about how to put on the Iron-on. (Link)

Here is a post about our sleep system (Link)

Garmin InReach Mini purchased for $329CAD down from $449CAD

This will let us message other hikers and also people at home letting them know where we are. SOS button to trigger emergency response from search & rescue.

  • Travel Lighter, Communicate Smarter: Measuring just under 4” tall by 2” wide and weighing a mere 3.5 oz, inReach Mini is fit for exterior pack pockets or accessory loops. It connects for messaging via the 100% global Iridium satellite network. You don’t have to worry about being within range of a cell tower or encountering spotty coverage.
  • GEOS is the world leader in emergency response solutions and monitoring. And they’re standing by 24/7 to respond to your SOS, track your device and notify the proper contacts and emergency responders in your area. Once you’ve triggered a distress signal, you can expect a delivery confirmation that help is on the way and be continually updated on the status of your response team.
  • Multiple Ways to Connect: Wireless unit-to-unit connectivity lets you remotely control inReach Mini to send and receive messages using compatible Garmin handhelds, wearables, or other mobile devices. GPS-based location tracking lets you share your whereabouts with those at home or out in the field. You can also post your adventures on social media. For basic navigation, there’s a compass that shows bearing and distance along a route or to a waypoint.

PCT Coffee from Triple Crown Coffee

View the details and order some. Dan did for a special someone in California

Dan purchased Garmin Instinct Watch for $249CAD down from $450CAD (with his own money, not PCT money)

Chantal purchased a North Face Lumbar bag for $31CAD down from $45CAD which holds 5 liters of capacity.

We outlined what we would like to do when we finish the trail in Canada here.

Other Side Trips: We outlined two mountains we plan to summit as a side trip on our hike, and one ‘Trailcation’ we will take to relax and explore.

– Mt. Jacinto (info here)

– Mt. Whitney (info here)

– Trailcation to Yosemite National Park (info here)

New book | Can’t wait to read it

Listened to Barney aka Scout on a Podcast while walking a friend’s two dogs below.

Click here if you would like to listen to it on your computer or find it on Spotify.

Still watching vlogs on the side 😉 I put them on the TV in the background while I work for the day job 🙂

Dan bought earbuds (own money + not pct savings

Decided for cord to prevent loosing one and can pull one out and let it hang if I need to listen more. Long battery life.

Chantal bought a Mammut Puffy for $258CAD down from 370CAD. A great jacket to keep her warm in the mountains!

You can read the technical specs here on her jacket.

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