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Date Published: March 11th, 2022 / Length: 52 minutes / Hosts: Dan Deveau & Chantal Deveau / Guests: Mandy Bland /

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Show Notes: (Mandy’s segment starts at the 19:50 min mark)

  • 4:30 / Dan talks about he is interested in doing “Trevor’s 100 Day Trek” and how he is going to get out and walk more each day for 100 days straight.
  • Dan talks about Jen & Vince starting on the PCT in the next couple of days. They gave him a link to track them based on their Garmin’s InReach location. They were on episode 7 with us. He also talks about Laura from Ep 8 putting down bottles of water for PCT hikers starting out at the 17-mile mark. Photos below.

Update: Look who showed up (Laura from episode 8 and Carol from Thru-r doing some trail magic

  • 6:09 / Dan asks Chantal about her trip to Montreal with friends to get an Airbnb and have some fun. Montreal is a super fun city… more so in the summer months.
Chantal (front left) in Montreal with friends
LOL plain pasta with no sauce.
  • 9:20 / Chantal shouts out our Instagram account for our podcast: A Long Walk North Podcast
  • 9:40 / Top 5 Segment: This episode’s topic is: Top 5 Fast Food Joints and the one staple that brings them back for more.
  • 15:20 / Dan talk about some PCT updates.
  • 15:33 / Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation had a Garmin InReach Giveaway and had a draw on their FB Page giving away 10 Inreach devices with 7 months of service to the PCT Class of 2022.
  • 16:20 / Scout & Frodo are going to be hosting a small number of hikers this year.
  • Dan mentions a post about how to get to the Southern Terminus, Camp Lockett and Cleef as well as the shuttle bus. You can find that here.
  • 17:05 / Dan mentions that VVR has new ownership and they are looking forward to this year’s season.
  • 17:20 / Talks about the Siead Valley Store, RV park and Cafe which are excited about this year’s class… so stop in and visit.
  • 17:30 / Dan mentions the PCT Challenges. I’m sure there are more of them so let us know which ones we missed to add to the blog post.
  • 17:46 / Dan talks about the PCTA post about Leave No Trace. Shown below
  • 18:00 / Dan talks about how he and Chantal don’t really have experience yet of pooping in the woods. Dan asks Chantal if she has ever done it. LOL she says she has many times. She then explains about 13 years ago beside… the local park when she was young and playing with her Grandmother. (Nana we call her) She would go into the small woods beside a parkette beside some houses. Then, Chantal asks Dan if he has ever done it and he tells a story from 30 years ago when he was on a high school camping trip playing hide & seek at night in the woods.
  • 19:50 / Mandy from Purple Rain Adventure Skirts segment starts.
  • 21:40 / Dan asks Mandy about her trip with her family heading down on a road trip down along the Baja California Peninsula for 5 weeks.

23:00 / Dan asks Mandy about her Appalachian Trail hike in 2012. Mandy was on Erin’s podcast so if you wanted to take a deeper dive into her and her business.. the podcast below is great.

  • 24:20 / Dan comments that Mandy could have been the first YouTuber like what Miranda In The Wild has done. Correction: Miranda does still work at REI and she is a content creator for them.
  • 25:45 / Dan asks Mandy about her doing a smaller section of the PCT and she made a test kilt to wear on the trail. Mandy did the Oregon section in 2013.
  • Before talking about Mandy hitting the PCT in about a week’s time with her little one who will turn 6 on trail and her partner Ryan… Dan asks her a bit more about her business and her family.
  • 30:00 / Dan asks Mandy how her business and her product lineup.
  • 31:20 / Dan talks about Elina Osborne’s Vlog and how her tramily rocked dresses. It’s in episode four at this exact mark. It’s a great summary vlog of the PCT if you have not checked it out.
  • They continue to talk about how her business has grown. He also asks her about how her business has grown after having her products on Garage Grown Gear.
  • 37:00 / Dan asks Mandy about this year’s PCT hike. How did they decide to make this happen? Hiking with her son who is 5 and will turn 6 on the PCT this year. How she has great help to keep her business going while she can do this adventure.

39:30 / Dan and Mandy talk about “LittleFoot” from last year’s PCT Class. Which is wild. Littlefoot is shown below.


47:00 / Dan asks Mandy if she will come back to give us a recap of her adventure when she is finished. We can’t wait to follow her adventure

48:00 / “Only The Wild Ones” is the song by Dispatch to close the podcast… then Chantal wraps up the podcast and gives thanks to our Patreon supporters. She gives Cara a shoutout in Vancouver for supporting Chantal. Chantal also shouts out Taye who also supports funding of Chantal’s shoes. She lives out on the west coast… since Dan and Chantal are thinking of heading out to BC to hike in 2023 as a bigger shakedown hike it would be cool to meet up with her. Our savings and projected expenses are listed here on our website.

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