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Date Published: March 30th, 2022 / Length: 58 minutes / Hosts: Dan Deveau & Chantal Deveau / Guests: Traci “Reroute” Galyon AKA “The Reluctant Hiker” /

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Show Notes: (Traci’s segment starts just after the 24:30 min mark)

  • 0:00 / Opening Tease with Chantal. Was asking her to check Instagram for the little kids hiking the trail this year. You can find them here.
  • 1:12 / Podcast Violin Theme Song: Artist – Trampled By Turtles / Song: Wait So Long
  • 2:02 / Opening Hellos with Dan and Chantal.
  • Dan and Chantal talk about her brother now starting to care about what he wears. Here is him not wearing Under Armour.
  • 3:25 / Dan talks about Jen & Vince starting on the PCT and how they lost their bags and they had to go buy $1,600 worth of new gear. They were on episode 7 with us. He also talks about Laura from Ep 8 helping them by driving them back to REI to return all their stuff. Jen is on IG here. You can follow Jen here on Youtube and her husband Vince is here on Youtube also vlogging.
Jen and Vince in front of some rocks
  • 6:00 / Chantal talks about the 3 little kids on the PCT that are kicking ass. You can find them here. Photos below:
  • 7:00 / Dan talks about Mandy from Purple Rain Adventure Skirts and her 2022 PCT hike with her partner and her son. They are doing great. You can follow Mandy and Family on IG here.
  • 8:00 / Dan tells a story of how he made the kids navigate to a swimming pool and they had to figure out how to use public transit themselves to find it. Here is the 5 min video of that challenge. You are not allowed to laugh at his YouTube videos.
  • 12:17 / Dan asks Chantal how she is. She just celebrated her 21st birthday on March 15th. Chantal talks about her upcoming travel plans. Dan is worried she will spend all her money and not put it towards our trip and our savings for it. You can see our savings and projected expenses here.
  • 13:30 / Top 5 Segment is about what drinks they both like on a patio in the summer. We do these top 5 mini segments for everyone to get to know us a bit better. Dan likes it since he can secretly find out more about what is going on in his daughter’s life since she is pretty secretive. (Sorry for the little swear word said by Dan)
  • Dan has asked Chantal to send him some photos of her on a patio.
Fishbowls and strawberry daiquiri
Happy 21st Birthday to this little freak of mine

Sounds like Chantal has sat on more patios than Dan in her short lifetime.

Dan says his best patio is in Positano Italy.
  • Looks like Episode 12 will be with Dan’s friend Michelle and we will finally answer questions from Sue.
  • 21:00 Wrapping up our intro segment with Chantal. Dan quickly talks about why we have these intros for people to get to know us since our hike is so far away. In episodes 2 and 3 we talk more about our hike. We will talk more about our hike soon.
  • Commercial from our sponsor Triple Crown Coffee.

24:30 / Traci’s Segment Starts

  • You can follow Traci here on Youtube. You can follow her on IG here.
  • Traci talks a bit about her and her husband and kids. She hiked the AT last year at 49 years old, as well as a 500km trek in Europe a couple of years back… which was her first big backpacking trip. Her AT trip was a big leap for her to do. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. She has 3 grown kids. She talks about going through the White Mountains with her small Tramily.
  • You can help Traci reach her goal for Mission22
  • She is starting on April 8th heading NOBO with some previous AT hikers and her husband.

What is Mission22?

Mission 22 supports the veteran community with three main programs; veteran wellness programs, memorials and community social impact. Mission 22 provides wellness programs to veterans and their families for Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury and other issues they might be facing. It organizes events and builds memorials to create social impact and awareness for these issues. Mission 22 serves combat veterans, those injured in training who therefore could not deploy and victims of MST. Mission 22 also has an Ambassador volunteer program for people to get involved as well. Ambassadors educate the public on veteran issues, help get veterans into Mission 22 treatment programs and create resources in their communities. These three programs, it enables a push for the betterment of our community and support when veterans need it the most, right now.

Traci is hiking to help Stop Soldier Suicide. <<< You can click if you help her. Any amount.

  • xx / “Only The Wild Ones” is the song by Dispatch to close the podcast…

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