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EP12/Title: “Update From The Trail | Beyondblisters | Jen + Vince’s 2022 NOBO PCT Attempt”

Date Published: Apr 7th, 2022 / Length: 46 Minutes / Hosts: Dan Deveau / Guests: Jen + Vince From British Columbia, Canada /

Go and listen to Episode 7 to hear our first interview with Jen & Vince here.

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 / Opening “funny” after that is our standard violin theme song.
  • 1:05 / Dan’s short intro about the episode before Jen and Vince’s segment starts. Heidi is hiking with us for the first month. You can find out more about her in our Episode 4 introducing her to you. Heidi and Dan put all their videos and sorted them by date and binge-watched their vlogs. We text each other and talk about the trail and what we will do. We had some questions for them so we wanted to reach out and talk to them since they were on zero-day 3 in town.
  • 3:25 / Podcast Segway Theme Song: Artist – Dispatch / Song: Only The Wild Ones

3:45 / Jen & Vince’s segment starts. They are in Idyllwild taking 3 zeros. Friends of theirs booked them a room but they got into Idyllwild early so they got somewhere to stay before their room was booked by friends’ reservation started.

  • Jen is @BeyondBilisters on Instagram. Her YouTube Channel is here to update family & friends. Her husband Vince also has a YouTube Channel so they both will be making videos.
  • Here are our trail notes for the first 20 miles. Jen was mentioning “Cleef” and it’s a place where hikers camp near the Southern Terminus.
  • I bug them for not filming the kids on trail that they bumped into many many times.
  • They came across a hiker who was injured and had to push the Garmin S.O.S. and be helicoptered out. Vince and another guy from their Trail-Family stayed with them to help.
  • Near the end, they thank Dan for introducing them to a trail angel that was in our Episode 8… which was Laura who was a godsend for them. Laura was the person the airline delivered their missing bags to her and she also helped them by going to pick them up along the trail to bring them back to San Diego to return a bunch of purchased gear and then drove them back up trail. Laura… you are a sweetheart.
  • Happy Birthday to Jen who was celebrating in town yesterday when we recorded.

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