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Date Published: April 18th, 2022 / Length: 45 minutes / Hosts: Dan Deveau / Guests: Mandy Bland /

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 / Purple Rain Adventure Skirts Commercial
  • 0:48 / Podcast Violin Theme Song: Artist – Trampled By Turtles / Song: Wait So Long
  • 1:39 / Dan’s opening and introducing Mandy
  • 2:40 / Mandy’s segment starts just after our segway song from Dispatch titled “Only The Wild Ones”. They are at a hostel in Big Bear California and just about to pack up and get back on trail.
  • 9:00 / Dan comments about the weight of having a two-year-old on Mandy’s back… in reference to an incredible family hiking with 3 small kids. Dan also comments about another family with two kids that is vlogging. Dan made a post that comments on the kids on trail including “Bedtime” which is Mandy’s son.
  • Side note… the Mother of the family of 3 is going to be on our podcast soon.

Mandy was on our episode 10 talking about her family finally putting the business on autopilot and taking her family truck camping in Baja. You can listen to it here. (shown below)

  • I love that when Mandy and Ryan get into town… Bedtime gets to get a new book and swap out the one he just finished reading.

Note: Mandy was on Erin’s podcast so if you wanted to take a deeper dive into her and her business.. the podcast below is great.

40:45 / Dan does a short closing. He thanks Shelly who has helped us on Patreon and supported us from the beginning. Ways you can support us can be found here. Dan talks about a Van Road Trip with his son. Our route is below:

Dan & Noah’s 2025 North American Trip Route
Dan & his Son… Noah.
  • Our savings and projected expenses are listed here on our website.
  • Dan asks for any questions so we can answer them. You can find the link to contact us here.

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