Our Podcast | Episode 17 | Alex “Firecracker” Mantos | Her 2022 NOBO PCT Thru-Hike

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Episode 17: Date Published: October 22, 2022 / Length: 1 Hour, 39 minutes /

Hosts: Dan Deveau / Guests: Hiker – Alex Mantos

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Show Notes, Links & Time-Stamps:

  • 0:00 / Opening “funny” & Podcast Violin Theme Song: Artist – Trampled By Turtles / Song: Wait So Long
  • 1:15 / Dan’s opening introduces Alex’s episode.
  • Alex can be found on Instagram here and her couple of videos along the PCT can be found here.
  • 4:00 / Alex segment starts just after our segway song from Dispatch titled “Only The Wild Ones”.
  • I’m talking to Alex just after she crossed the border between California and Oregon. She is at a family member’s home.
  • We talk in the first segment about: her pace, her trail family, her hike of the AT when she was 23, different things on the trail like food, thoughts, music, rattlesnakes, her night sleeping alone and much much more.
  • 21:30 / We talk about stranger danger and Dan brings up that bald creepy guy that was floating around in years past.
  • 28:00 / We talk about her in the desert section on the PCT and then about the Sierras, the snow, the passes and glissading.
  • 32:30 / Dan asks her who her main characters are along her hike. She mentions Sam and Moriah who had vlogged on YouTube their hike.
  • 39:30 / Dan asks Alex if she wishes she captured more videos of things on the PCT. She is doing an OSE (One Second Everyday) video of her hike.
  • 43:40 / Alex has to run so we break for a commercial about our website and our socials.
  • 44:30 / Dan’s quick into segment two of the episode with Alex now finished on the Pacific Crest Trail where she talks about NorCal, Oregon and the race through Washington before she heads to Italy after her trip.
  • 45:30 / Segment two starts with Dan & Alex. Dan talks about how hard it is sometimes to get ahold of my daughter to talk hiking. 😉
  • 47:30 / Dan talks about how hard it is to get money from Chantal to invest in our slumping stocks. The finances of our trip are here on our website.
  • 48:30 / Dan introduces her and talks about her “Tour De Aunce” and Alex clarifies that was more for her AT hike with financial help from family. They catch up about the last time they talked near Ashland, Oregon. Now she is in her old college stomping ground where she is attending a friend’s wedding.
  • 50:00 / Alex highlights that she fueled her body with healthy choices while hiking.
  • 52:00 / Alex talks about tagging the border on Aug 13th and she had to walk back to Hearts Pass since the Canadian border was not accessible to cross due to covid restrictions. She had a scheduled flight to Italy two days later… so she had to hike 30 miles south and then make her way to Seattle to fly to Europe.
  • 55:00 / Dan asks Alex if she will create and share more on YouTube about her summary of her hike. She mentions that she is making a powerpoint presentation about her hike for her coworkers.
  • 59:30 / Dan asks Alex if she suffered from the NorCal blues. Alex then talks about the mosquitos on the trail, gear changes after the Sierras, forest fires and many more things.
  • 1:16:00 / Dan asks Alex what day was her “Lowest Of The Low” and he talks about a Toronto Indie Rock Band called Lowest Of The Low. Here is the Artist link to them on Spotify so listen to the top 5 songs from them and they are great.

  • Alex talks about some low moments on the trail. She talks about emotions on the trail.
  • 1:24:40 / Dan asks Alex if they had to turn on the jets to get to the border as they got closer. She also talks about finishing the trail at the border and she talks about her trip to Italy.
  • 1:36:00 / Podcast is ending with Alex… her friend finishes work and meets her. She has to run. Dan asks her if she will have plans to hike the CDT in the future for the Triple Crown. Alex never locks doors. The world is open to her and whatever dreams she has… she has the goal-setting drive to get anything done with passion and enjoys the ride being considerate to others along the way.
  • So sorry for the audio getting glitchy due to Alex using cell data to record on the Anchor App.

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