Our Podcast | Episode 18 | Dr. Morgan Brosnilhan From Blaze Physio | Thru-Hiker Mobile & Telehealth Care

Episode 18: Date Published: November 3rd, 2022 / Length: 1 Hour, 46 minutes /

Hosts: Dan Deveau / Guests: Dr. Morgan Brosnilhan From Blaze Physio

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Next will be Doug Walker who hiked this past summer NOBO on the PCT It’s already recorded.

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Show Notes, Links & Time-Stamps:

  • 0:00 / Dan’s Intro to Morgan
  • 1:51 / Segway music with Dispatch’s “Only The Wild Ones”
  • 2:30 / Morgan & Dan’s opening funny
  • 4:15 / Opening Sponsor Theme (Violin)
  • 5:06 / Dan and Morgan’s segment starts with Dan’s introduction. Morgan’s website is Blaze Physio.
  • Morgan’s IG handle is @blazephysio (weblink for her IG)
  • 8:00 / Morgan went to school mainly to play basketball. Dan is in love with Basketball and his fave team is the past World Champions the Toronto Raptors. #WETHENORTH
  • Morgan then talks about her going to school and her route during school and talks about her educational background. She also talks about differences between sports athletes and thru-hiking athletes.
  • She talks about getting into her field of work and the “why”.
  • 18:00 / She also talks about getting into the Thru-Hiking community after she has hiked long distance trails herself.
  • She talks about her experience hiking and doing the PCT… she understands better the types of injuries thru-hikers can get.

18:45 / Dan asks her about how she got into van lIfe and she talks about noticing something from REI about someone living in a van with dogs in 2017. It was at a time before vanlife exploded. She talks about her philosophy about van life. She talks about the Fare Out Ride website inspired her with her build.

The van above is her first van build. Lots of repurposed materials that she used. Her parents helped her out.

  • 24:30 / Dan asks her about her hiking “The Long Trail”. She talks about learning more about the AT… but the PCT is something she really wanted to do… so after school… she moved out west with the van.
  • 26:00 / Morgan talks about her PCT hike. She hiked in a high snow year in 2019. The talk about her logistics and route she took. They joke about side hustles on the PCT which leads into trail angels and segways into her pay it forward attitude and how she deals with hikers that walk up to her camped out on the trail.
  • 40:00 / Dan asks her about finances in doing her PCT hike and the cost of the hike.
  • 43:00 / They shift into her doing mobile PT work and also her working at the hospital. She talks how she wanted to shift into a telehealth practice. She talks about covid shifted the industry into telehealth and that made her shift to niche and into older adults and she moved to Arizona with her dog Honey.
  • She talks about 2022 was the year she made the push to go hard working with the PCT crowd and living on trail. Her launch was really PCT Trail Days the previous year. She worked with Rawlogy at PCT Trail Days and she also used her experience to talk and help hikers.
  • This was recorded back in August and it was slow to post due to a busy summer. I feel bad but happy for Morgan getting ready for the PCT Class of 2023. She helped Yogi on her FB Group with a educational Zoom. Here is Morgan’s PDF from the Zoom.
  • 51:30 / Morgan talks about the trail angel community helping her.
  • 53:00 / They both talk about listening to hiking podcasts. Morgan was on another one… I’ll link to it below.
  • Dan talks about a young couple doing a podcast from the trail. It’s the Walking Towards Fear podcast below. They will be on our podcast this fall.
  • Dan talks about hiking the PCT with his daughter.
  • 56:00 / Dan talks about being unplugged on the PCT and how he and his daughter will adapt. He talks about Chantal and how she lives on her phone.
  • 57:00 / Morgan talks about “Simon” that Dan believes and this link backs up what Morgan was talking about. (Cell phones hurting relationships). They talk about social media and which platforms have helped her business.
  • They talk about TikTok… which Dan thinks she should do more on it.
  • 1hr mark / Morgan talks about Yogi’s FB page where Yogi admin this PCT planning page and allows businesses to promote products and services as well as Hikers posting links to social media.
  • 63min / She mentions Backcountry Foodie. And about Kula Cloth. She also talks about she is getting a new van for 2023 and selling her van.
  • Her new van will offer her so much more space for 2023.
  • 68min / Morgan talks about her 2022 strategy about following the crowd and where she was for the first two months of hikers starting. She talks about where she moved around. She talks about which towns she likes.
  • 78:30 / Morgan talks more about the new van that will have more ventilation and solar to help her be off-grid.
  • Then talk about her services and about doing telehealth.

Sorry for the glitches since she was on a weaker wifi signal in her van when recorded.

  • 98:30 / Dan asks Morgan before ending the podcast… to talk about Honey (shown below)

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