Our Podcast | Episode 19 | Doug “Captain” Walker | Canadian 2022 NOBO PCT Thru-Hiker

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Episode 19: Date Published: November 10th, 2022 / Length: 2 Hour, 50 minutes /

Hosts: Dan Deveau / Guests: Doug “AKA Captain” Walker, PCT NOBO Hiker

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Next will be Doug Walker who hiked this past summer NOBO on the PCT It’s already recorded.

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Show Notes, Links & Time-Stamps:

  • 0:00 Doug’s opening “funny” audio was taken from one of his YouTube videos. Here is Doug’s YouTube Channel.
  • 0:41 Shows violin them song with sponsor shoutouts.
  • 1:30 Dan’s opening show intro before we talk to Doug. (Dan talks about recording with his daughter Chantal.
  • Dan mentions that Doug hiked with Jen and Vince who were on these two episodes below. They were on our Episode 7 before they took off on the PCT.
  • Jen & Vince came back to record when they were on-trail in Episode 12 giving us a recap when they were past the San Jacinto Wilderness. (Below)
  • Jen’s YouTube Channel is here for her videos.
  • Her husband Vince also made videos and his channel is here.
  • 5:15 / Opening guest music segway is Dispatch with the song “Only The Wild Ones”
  • 5:50 / Dan’s segment with Doug’s PCT NOBO Thru-hike starts. This podcast was recorded on Nov 1st and Doug comes back to answer some more questions on Nov 2nd when he talks about coming back to Canada.
  • Dan gets the intro of Doug’s past growing up in British Columbia. Doug lives in a cool place in the world… so beautiful.
  • Doug talks about losing weight, and 3 knee surgeries he has had in his past. Lots of general chit-chat on different things about his upbringing and introduction to camping and being outdoors.
  • His fave park close by is Strathcona Provincial Park in BC.

  • 15:00 / Dan asks Doug when did he declare he was going to do the PCT. Doug talks about a 2017 trip to hike a section of the PCT after watching the movie “Wild” (Movie Trailer). Due to fires, he didn’t end up hiking the PCT in Oregon back in 2017.
  • Doug segways into talking about 2021, Doug and his friend Steve decided they were going to do the PCT in 2022.
  • Doug talks about him starting with Steve on the PCT, but they had to get off-trail quickly due to Steve’s safety… so Doug helped him get a flight back home and got back on-trail to walk north.
  • 20:00 / Doug hiked forward to find Jen & Vince since they knew each other online being fellow Canadians starting on the same date.

Dan & Doug talk about many things.

  • Dan talks about the website at the 24 min mark to buy gear from. “The Last Hunt” is great for Canadians looking for gear from a Canadian store at a discount. Altitude Sports is the regular bigger section part of the company. Jen was the person that told Dan about it and he went nuts buying stuff.
  • The shuttle Doug and Steve used to get from San Diego to the Southern Terminus is here.
  • Down the road from the Terminus is Camp Lockett at Cleef. That is the hostel that is new and more people know it as a little place to camp before starting off in the Morning on the PCT.
  • During the episode, we talk about a Trail Angel that helped Jen & Vince at the beginning with Laura who we talked to in Episode 8.
  • 36:00 / Dan asks Doug about how his resupply strategy on the PCT.
  • Doug talks a bit about his trail crew and they talk about more stuff about his start… going north in the desert with different topics about this thru-hike.
  • 41:30 / When talking about Mike who he hiked with is thinking about getting back on the PCT in 2023 and Doug talks that he will get his ass back on the PCT.
  • The link for HikerTrashMatt on TikTok is here. Our page for all the links to our social media is here.
  • 46:00 / The place in Julian Dan & Doug talked about was the Bed & Breakfast (link coming here for it)
  • 49:10 / Dan asks Doug what was one thing that was gross on-trail. Dan quickly segways into pooping in the wild which he has not done. They talk about the rules and the unofficial rules about going to the bathroom on the PCT.
  • 54:30 / Dan asks Doug about his sleep system and how were the cold nights in the early desert section of the PCT. We talk about the wind on the PCT.
  • Dan’s tent for the PCT is the same as Doug’s. Doug used a 2 person MSR and Dan picked up the 3 man tent. Dan and Chantal’s gear list as of now is found here.
  • Doug had a hell of a time with his air mattresses on the trail with blown baffles and holes.
  • Dan asks Doug about what kind of food he ate on his hike and his morning routine and his hiking pace.
  • 1hr 19m / They talk about how hard it is now with Forest Fires on the PCT. The link to the podcast that Dan listened to about Forest Fires is here below.

  • 1hr 22m / Dan asks Doug about what was it like to meet up with the family hiking the PCT with 3 small kids. Here is the link to them on our podcast.
  • Dan and Doug talk about Camping and hiking with kids. One of Doug’s most recent videos on his channel is with his youngest son Ben going on a backpacking trip.
  • We also talked about the different PCT Challenges people do like the McDonalds Resupply Challenge.
  • We talked about vlogging and how hard it is on-trail and how he dabbled in it.

  • 1hr 34min / Dan asks Doug about early in the trail what it was like going through the San Jacinto Wilderness and what it was like… was it sketchy with snow and ice. We also talk about dealing with blowdowns.
  • Dan interviewed a father who had his Son slip and fall 11 days into his PCT hike on Apache Peek. It’s a must-listen.

  • 1hr 41m Just after that marker… Dan is jealous of Doug’s pants later in the podcast. Doug shared his love for his Eddie Bauer Pro Guide Pants.
  • 1hr 44m / Dan asks Doug about what was the cool towns they hit and stayed in.
  • Doug talks about this truck stop was awesome in Lebec, California. They stayed at Motel 6 in Lebec.
  • They both talk about the costs of the trail and the cost of resupplying your food on the PCT with rising prices.
  • 1hr 51m 30sec / They talk about what it was like hiking from the Action KOA to Kennedy Meadow with the heat and wind.
  • 1hr 57m / Doug talks about hitting Kennedy Meadows General Store shown below. Audio from his YouTube video of him walking up to it. Doug’s Tramily shown below that was there at the store with him.
  • This is where Jen & Vince rent a car to take two weeks off the trail to see if Vince’s leg will heal. They explore and also meet up with Doug and Mike who hike north into the Sierra after spending a couple of nights in Kennedy Meadows.
  • 2hrs 05m 45sec / The talk shift going into the Sierras with Mike. The audio is from Doug’s YouTube videos.
  • Doug talks about how he kinda liked hiking the desert more than the Sierras overall. He loved the Sierras but hiking with a heavy bear can… hiking in the altitude and also the passes to climb was a real challenge and tough. (the views were crazy obviously)
  • 2hrs 10min 45sec / Doug talks about summiting Mt. Whitney and that is one of the proudest moments of his hiking career.
  • 2hrs 16mins / Audio from Doug’s video of him talking about not feeling well on trail.
  • He is heading to get off trail to rest up and get back on trail when this passes and he feels stronger.
  • Doug talks about getting Covid tested when he got into town. He talks about that and how he felt.
  • Dan posts Doug’s 10min audio (2hrs 19min marker basically) from his YouTube video announcing to his friends + family that he got Covid… his summary update and the decision to go home by train. He talks about the people that he hiked with that he holds very close in his list of friends.
  • Doug stopped at the 1,165 mile-marker.
  • During his time being off-trail with Covid… his partner who he was in the Sierras with went ahead without him and got off the trail a short time later. Basically, within a two-week period… the four of them were off the trail. They share a FB Messenger group so they get on and shoot the shit now and then. They all talk about getting back out there and the “want” to. Doug spent Thanksgiving with Jen & Vince.
  • 2hrs 30min / Dan’s intro to talking to Doug (which was the next day) about getting off trail and how has it been going after he got back.

It’s great to listen to Doug as he allows us to try and understand the difficult “beat-yourself-up” feeling of leaving a thru-hike. Won’t comment on what he talks about… just listen…

We appreciate Doug coming on our episode to talk about his hike. Get to know him better. Have someone to go out to a meal with the next time we are in beautiful British Columbia. We hope this episode will help him summarize his hike for family & friends. Steve… you are a special guy. Jen & Vince… We hope to see you in the future on the west coast. we hope we can catch up and summarize your hike in full if you want to… We loved watching and introducing us to Captain (AKA Doug)

We loved your tramily’s adventure and the ups and downs always tell a wonderful story no matter the ending.

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