Our Podcast | Episode 20 + 21 | Megan DeLaire | Canadian 2023 NOBO PCT Thru-Hiker

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Note: Two episodes in this post >>> Ep 20 is 14 minutes and down under those show notes is Ep 21 at 52 minutes.

Episode 20: Date Published: November 23rd, 2022 / Length: 14 Minutes /

Hosts: Dan Deveau / Guests: Canadian Megan DeLaire, PCTClassOf2023 NOBO Hiker

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Ep20: Show Notes, Links & Time-Stamps:

  • 0:00 / Dan’s quick intro about a new update added into the episode is after the 10min mark with good news from the PCTA. Followed by Dan’s intro about how Megan recorded this teaser episode. of her logging into the PCTA portal using her phone. She sent me the raw 8 minutes.
  • The background music is from “The Barr Brothers recorded at KEXP.
  • 2:10 / Megan’s recording starts.
  • Megan started a podcast called “Catch Me Outside” which I’m a fan of since I like learning about different aspects of the outdoors as well as listening to stories about places to explore in my own backyard and in Canada. Megan’s personal website is here.
  • Megan can also be found on Instagram here.
  • 3:40 / LOL Dan hates the sound of knuckles cracking.
  • Dan never really got into the rapper Eminem. Dan likes old-school rap when he played basketball outside on the courts starting in 1988. His ball playlist is below and if you click on this link… you can click his name to pull up all his playlists. Dan’s more of an Indie Singer-songwriter kind of music guy. His faves are here.
  • 6:00 / Megan is getting frustrated and the IBTAT language comes out as she hunts around on the portal at different dates and locations to start her LASH on the PCT.
  • Dan used Ben Howard’s guitar playing in the background Megan talks near the end.
  • 10:20 / Dec 1st update from Megan about the status of her PCT permit for 2023. This little update will start off the next Episode with Megan which will be Ep21 and shown below.
  • 13:00 / Closing song we always use is “Only The Wild Ones” by Dispatch.
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This episode is dedicated to our friend in Norway who is a fan of the podcast. Everyone… please send her positive vibes as her body recovers 100% so she can get back out there with 100% zest and she can come out in 2024 and hike with us. 😉 Was going to drop this episode later in Dec… but why the hell not do it today from Starbucks.

Episode 21: Date Published: December 11th, 2022 / Length: 52 Minutes /

Hosts: Dan Deveau / Guests: Canadian Megan DeLaire, PCTClassOf2023 NOBO Hiker

Stolen from FB

Show Notes, Links & Time-Stamps:

(Note to Megan >>> who is a journalist. Dan is a lazy typer and you can’t spell-check this or look for mistakes. He uses the Grammarly thingy…)

  • 0:00 / Playing again the 3min clip recorded by Megan announcing she got her permit
  • 2:50 / Opening Podcast Violin Theme listing our 3 sponsors.
  • 3:45 / Opening segway song “Only The Wild Ones” by Dispatch before Dan & Megan talk.
  • 4:15 / Dan is talking about recording an episode at the library and that was episode 18 with Alex Mantos, where he didn’t like how “boxy” he sounded.

During today’s episode, Dan is in bed at a friend’s house. (Not that kind of friend)

This is the first time Dan has talked to Megan, and he is a “Chatty Cathy” and steamrolled her many times!

Megan has a podcast herself called “Catch Me Outside” which is excellent. She uses “GarageBand” for her editing. Dan almost used that for our podcast but went with Audacity which is free and works really well. Dan and Chantal will record from the trail and they are thinking about using GarageBand by Apple on the PCT when he records with his daughter.

  • 6:15 / Dan talks about a couple that has a podcast they recorded while on the PCT in 2022. They will be on our podcast this winter. (shown below) Check them out!! (Dan talks about Backpacker Radio which he enjoys as well as Megan and I’m sure so many other people do. So many great podcasts out there and more are being created which is great that cover thru-hiking and the outdoors)
  • 8:15 / Dan tries to guess Megan’s age. He talks about a photo he googled and the one below is the one he was talking about. Since Dan is old like dirt… everyone looks like a young buck.
  • 9:30 / The movie Wild… was the movie that sparked Megan’s desire to hike the PCT. Dan has watched the movie and wants to watch it with Chantal. You will hear an audio clip from the end of the movie. (Dear movie maker… don’t sue us)
  • 12:40 / They talk about the book… Dan talked about zLibrary being shut down by the FBI… but he pillaged about 40 Thru-hiking books now on my iPad.
  • 15:40 / Here is the clip about her losing her boot below from the movie Wild.
  • 16:30 / Dan talks about watching some PCT YouTube to introduce the trail to her. We watched Elina Osborne and the Whimiscal Woman to help introduce her to the PCT and what it could be like for her.
  • 18:00 / Dan asks Megan exactly when she decided 2023 will be her attempt.
  • 19:15 / Dan asks Megan about her forecasting the cost of the trail. They talk about how Canadians get screwed with the exchange rate compared to the strength of the US Dollar. Dan & Chantal have a page on the website about our projected savings for their hike.
  • 23:30 / Megan talks about trip insurance for Canadians. This is important for international hikers and something Dan & Chantal has to figure out.
  • They then talk about how they both will document their hikes. You can follow Megan on her podcast’s Instagram “Catch Me Outside” He asks her if she is going to make a movie, vlog or any journaling. Incredible book about journaling the PCT from Joshua.
  • 33:15 / Dan talks about a great PCT podcast called “The Attempt” Go and listen… it’s excellent. Dan made a blog post about it from Ben’s 2019 SOBO hike. They also talk about recording a podcast on trail and how easy it could be and a great idea to do.
  • 36:30 / Dan talks about he made a personal vlog about his 2019 Trip with his two kids to Europe. Don’t laugh. Made with Dan’s phone as they travelled. It was a “Don’t Tell Mom” episode.
  • 38:00 / Dan talks about episode 19 with Doug Walker and how recording that podcast helped him tell friends and family what happened with his hike and also how difficult it was when he got off trail before the finish. (shown below and here is his episode)
  • 42:15 / Dan asks Megan about following FB groups. Dan will do a future post on our website about the different FB groups there are. Yogi’s FB group is great. Dan needs to check out the reddit stuff on the PCT.
  • 43:30 / Dan talks about the “Trail Notes” section of the website for their personal notes.
This podcast was edited at Starbucks… and being a gold star peep… you get free refills. Dan also loves a whack of tabs and bookmarks along the top of the chrome browser. He renames them or removes the name to fit 29 bookmarks along the top of the browser.
  • 44:30 / Dan is a broken record talking about the “Holeshoes” on YouTube which he loved.
  • 45:15 / Dan talks about Thru-r (which is getting a facelift on the website as this is dropping). Dan talks about the Hiker Happy Hour Zoom’s.

There will be a part two to this…

Megan visits her family in Dan’s city where he lives…

Dan, Chantal and Megan will get together… go for a walk… record part two.

We will ask deeper stuff about her planning for her hike which is months away.

She is also interested in having Dan & Chantal on her podcast which would be super cool for us.

Maybe we will make it a joint episode. Dan owes her $5 for all the talking he did in this episode. Next episode Dan will shut up. 😉

We will ask Megan if she is interested in touching base up the trail as she goes and fill us in on her hike.

  • Our savings and projected expenses are listed here on our website.
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