Our Podcast | Episode 22 + 23 | Magnet Northbound | Part 1+2 – 2022 NOBO PCT Thru-hike

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Episode 22: Date Published: December 16th, 2023 / Length: 2 hours, 6 Minutes / Hosts: Dan Deveau

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 / Audio clip taken from his PCT YouTube Vlog
  • 0:45 / Opening violin theme song with our three sponsors
  • 1:30 / Dan’s opening ramble before James’s segment starts.
  • 6:00 / James AKA Magnet’s segment starts with the opening theme “Only The Wild Ones” by Dispatch
  • Magnet can be found on YouTube here. His videos are excellent with his visuals and storytelling.
  • His Instagram account can be found here.
  • Magnet lives in Bend, Oregon.
  • 9:00 / YouTube audio snippet about how he hiked the 700-mile desert section in 2021. Now he is back on trail for 2022 with his goal to finish in Canada.
  • 10:10 / Dan asks him about his decision to try and make something great on the PCT in terms of a vlog. Dan made a vlog of his trip to Europe with his kids. His personal blog is here with the different legs of the trip and the embedded YouTube videos. (can’t laugh at these homemade vlogs)
  • 13:00 / Dan talks about vlogs on YouTube that he likes. He has a blog post which lists all the vlogs he likes. Check it out here. The talk continues with his vlog and how he recorded it.
  • Magnet is currently trying to make a little film that summarizes his hike.
  • Dan & Chantal’s gear list can be found here. The vlogging stuff that we are thinking of bringing is listed in Dan’s kit.
  • 26:00 / Another snippet taken from his vlog. Dan then asks him about the 700-mile section of the desert he completed.
  • 28:50 / Audio snippet from his vlog about “his <WHY> to hike the PCT” Dan and Magnet then talk about this more. They bounce around and talk about Trail Angels.
  • Dan talks about Couchsurfing… he had a guy from England come to stay with him. This is a blog post from her personal blog about it and Couchsurfing.
  • 50:30 / Audio snippet about the mental game of the PCT. Dan and Magnet spend time talking about the mental aspect of the PCT.
  • 1hr 30m / We talk about Lambo who slipped and fell in the Sierra. We talk about altitude sickness and about one of the members of Magnet’s trail family who experienced it. We talk about Trevor and what Apache Peak was like when he hiked it. We talk about spikes and ice axes. We had Doug Laher on our Episode 9 about Trevor’s story.
  • On the day this episode drops… another podcast episode dropped that we follow and it’s a great talk from “Flossy” about two scares he had on the PCT with elevation in the Sierras and also battling the heat. Worth a listen. (shown below)
  • Remember to look out for Part 2… where we will talk to Magnet about Oregon, visiting family, hiking Washington and finishing… then life after the trail and how hard that is. We will talk more about his trail family and more snippets of his raw reflection while hiking!

Thanks for listening.

Posted on his “Extreme Oregon” Facebook Page on a post about him coming back from his hike.

Episode 23: Date Published: December 22th, 2023 / Length: 1hr 17min / Hosts: Dan Deveau with James AKA Magnet

Show Notes:

  • 5:07 / Our “Only The Wild Ones” song from Dispatch now leads us into the segment with James.
  • Opens with another audio clip from YouTube… but it highlights what it felt like after his wife and dogs came to visit with him and spend a couple of days. We talk about that time on trail after the clip.
  • Dan & James talk about how hard it is on trail when you have a partner at home and how valuable that support is for the person on trail and also the struggles with family, love and other stuff pulling you off traill
  • 19:10 / Dan asks Magnet about his Oregon summary. He visited home twice and both times… he hosted hikers at his house in Bend.
  • 22:28 / Dan asks Magnet to talk about his trail family. He talks about life on trail with them and how that changed off trail. They also talk about post-trail depression and the level of communication between the trail family.
  • They talk about how the trail wrecks you. Also about relationships after 1/2 of the relationship comes off trail and wants to go back out there… more sacrifices. It’s hard. Magnet talks about the sacrifices his wife made for him to hike the trail.
  • 42:53 / Audio clip from Magnets YouTube vlog talking about him entering Washington and he covers his goals for Washington.
  • After the clip, he talks about his two zeros in Washington with his trail-family. Dan asks him about his general pace for the PCT up to this point. They talk about zeros and staying in towns and also skipping sleeping in town to save money. They also talk about what happens when you have a bad apple in the trail family
  • 53:10 / Audio clip from his YouTube channel. He talks about he is at a point where he would quit if he was not far from the finish since the trail is not that fun anymore. Dan and James talk about that clip next.
  • 57:25 / Audio clip… less than 100 miles from Canada for Magnet.
  • 1hr 1m / Audio clip where I really liked how in his vlog he talked about the rise of the “mind buzzing hum” in his head with the finish approaching and after that will be the silence. They talk about that next. They talk about the finish and the post-trail depression after.
  • 1hr 10m / Dan asks Magnet for advice for the class of 2023.
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