Our Podcast | Episode 24 | Dan & Chantal Answer Sue’s Questions

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Episode 24: Date Published: January 5th, 2023 / Length: 40 Minutes / Hosts: Dan Deveau & Chantal Deveau

Show Notes & Time Markers

0:00 / Dan’s intro ramble. This is the link to leave us a voicemail or message… hell… email us or send us a DM on social.

2:00 / Podcast starts with Dan and Chantal on the bank of a river in Peterborough.

  • Chantal calls Dan “D43” which was a monogram on my dress shirts when he worked in the investment industry. He would get his dress shirts from Maxwells. The monogram means “shooting 3-pointers in basketball… like in Dan For Three!”
  • Sue’s first feedback/question was about Chantal not understanding “Sea Level” from Episode Two when Chantal really didn’t know what Sea Level was. Our Episodes 2 and 3 are great for understanding more about our hike and logistics for it.
  • 6:30 / Question 2: Are there mini-libraries along the trail? In Peterborough, we have these on people’s front lawns randomly around the city.
  • 8:30 / Question 3 – Where and how will we get shoes along the PCT?
  • 10:00 / Question 4 – Will we bring deodorant on the trail with us? Our gear list is here.
  • 11:30 / Question 5 – Will we bring a pillow on trail? (Since normal pillows are huge and heavy)
  • Our gear list is here.
  • 13:00 / Question 6 – From the show “Scandal” they had tracking chips implanted in people’s necks. Would we use that tech for us so we don’t get lost? We made a post about navigation.
  • 15:20 / Question 7 – What are our “Bear Survival Tactics”?
  • Dan will die based on Chantal’s answer since she will freak the bear out by running. Then Chantal will be lost since she has no idea where we are going. I don’t think she knows her iPhone has a compass app to point herself North to Canada.
  • 17:00 / Question 8 – What stuffed animals would we be?
  • 18:00 / Question 9 – What’s going to happen to us if we meet tons of rainy weather on the trail? Here is Chantal’s Rain Jacket. Dan’s rain gear is here.
  • 21:00 / Question 10 – What happens if an animal wrecks our tent?
  • Dan talks about the Guthook (now called the “FarOut” app)
  • 22:26 / Question 11 – How are we going to survive being in nature for 6 months?
  • 23:20 / Question 12 – When we are at the top of the first mountain peek… what would be our strategy and plan? Here is our “Tag” on our blog for “summit” which talks about what we want to summit. These posts will be updated.
  • 25:40 / Question 13 – What songs will be in our ears when we are hiking? Earworms. Our songs are below:
  • Chantal’s is “Jimmy Talks” by Drake
  • Dan’s killer song is below. What an incredible anthem!
  • 27:30 / Question 14 – It’s hot outside. Heard it’s cold at night on the PCT. What will it be like with the heat?
  • 31:00 / Question 15 – Will we have pit zips on our jackets?
  • 34:00 / Facebook commercial about our podcast FB page.
  • 35:00 / Dan added a little update about Megan’s Podcast called Catch Me Outside since it would be great to share the episode on her podcast for her peeps to listen to. Our Episode is here.
  • Dan then talks about the next episode which will be a non-pct episode. They recorded it the night before after getting a pizza in her car and going to park it for the night. They wrote some things they could talk about and put the microphone on the dash. The pizza box is below:
It was a half-assed write down so don’t @ me about spelling… I was just going quick since I can read my own scribbles…

Dan at the moment has his stuff in storage so our camping and PCT gear is in his Uhaul locker where they picked up our tent to camp along the river kind of stealthy.

Please make a note of the times of the little “segment chapters” below if you want to skip forward or to a certain point in the podcast.

We are practicing using Anchor to record and using Audacity to edit. We distribute our podcast via Anchor where 9 different podcast platforms pick it up Spotify, Apple, and Google.

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Show Notes with timing and more context added when show drops.

Thanks for listening.

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